Removing dirt from Crawl space

sethrameshAugust 21, 2005

We looked at a house part of it had Crawl space appx 500 sq.feet,. Actually we could walk in to this space (10 feet high ceiling for a width of around 3 feet). Rest of the crawl space has large pile of dirt.

My question is

Can I remove the dirt from rest of the Crawl space, so that I can walk in to it and do some work on the joists (Like putting up an additional beam?). What about pouring concrete in to the floor? this will make the space usable


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Are saying there is full ten foot foundation wall and you can walk around the outside of the space? If that is true and there are no supports resting on the dirt then I would be digging it out and make basement space. Dig it. Put in drainage. Put in stone. Pour concrete floor.

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Actually it is 8 feet wall made of sintered cement blocks and not 10 feet.

To answer your question:

Yes; it looks like 8 feet wall made of sintered cement blocks. But you canÂt see the wall outside since there is dirt on three sides.

Your question made me think again; Inside the crawl space, One side I could see 8 feet of wall, but I am not sure of the rest of two sides

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Get a structural engineer to look at your house. The dirt in the crawlspace may be important to the structural integrity of the foundation.

It may work out. Our old stone house had a concrete floor poured long after the basement was made.

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Maybe they planned for a full basement but hit ledge on one side so they just left it as a crawl space.
I think the the engineer report is good idea.

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