Too many products too many choices

tripletmom83September 8, 2013

Did you ever stop and count the number of grooming and beauty products you use? In a typical morning I use:
face wash
hand wash
bar soap
hair serum
hair mouse
shaving gel
body lotion
foot powder/or lotion
face cream

And that's the daily stuff, add to that the occasional:

hair coloring
tooth whitening strips
nail polish/ base coat/top coat
nail polish remover
cuticle cream
hand lotion

I know there are many more, and of course I have multiples of most of those products. It is not surprising though. In fact I'm surprised I don't use more products after my last visit to Ulta to buy some face cream or moisturizer. How many products are out there, and how could I possibly know which one to buy? Even if you could narrow it down to your single favorite brand (and then how could you know it was your favorite if you haven't tried the others?) There are so many different lines within each brand. It made my head spin. And that was just in the lower cost aisle. Start talking high end, prestige products and you have a real dilemma. You don't want to make a mistake when you're spending upwards of $50.00 for a couple of ounces of face cream.
Sorry,I went off on a bit of a rant there.
I admit I'm a bit of a girly girl and I like all this stuff.But DH has got his share of products too. In fact he has more hair products than I do.
I'm not sure I'm willing to do without many of these, so I guess the best I can hope for is to keep them all organized.

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You're a mom of triplets and you have time for a complicated beauty routine like that? Wow.

Do you really need all of that? I mean - I use an electric razor for my legs, so I don't use shaving gel. I also don't shave my legs every day, which is a time saver. Some of the lotions - why not use *one* for several purposes? Why do you use bar soap - which tends to be kind of gloppy and messy anyway - *and* hand soap? If you brush your teeth well and don't have any issues that could cause bad breath, then why do you need mouthwash? If you thought about it, I bet you could easily eliminate a good portion of what you have listed; you'd save time in the morning, and you'd save a lot of space in your bathroom. No one would know or care, either.

(I tend to be a minimalist, both with bathroom stuff and with other things! :-) )

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WOW! No way I use all that, yet alone every single morning.

Your list, with my usage beside.

In a typical morning I use:
face wash..........NO, just a body wash
hand wash.........NO, just a body wash
bar soap ...........NO, just a body wash
hair serum.........NO - never used
hair mouse........NO - never used
mouthwash........NO, but I do use a fluoride rinse
shaving gel........NO - use shampoo or conditioner
body lotion.........yes, but not daily
foot powder/or lotion.......NO
face cream.........NO
foundation..........NO - never used
blush.................not daily
powder...............NO - never used
eyeshadow.........not daily
eyeliner..............not daily
lipstick ..............NO

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Gladys, the triplets are 30 now, all grown up and on their own. But they did teach me to be very quick and efficient. I may use a lot of products but I do it in record time.

To clarify about the various soaps: the hand wash is on the vanity. The bar soap is the Dove bar in the shower. DH uses it too. The face wash is Oil of Olay Age defying to keep me young. Mouth wash to prevent gum disease.

Luann, I know there are makeup people and no-makeup people, I am just one of those people who will not leave the house without it. It's in my genes, my Mom is the same as well as my daughter. But I do admit to being kind of a sap for new beauty products.

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I simplify my life by not caring too much about which of these I use.

re: shaving gel--try using a little bit of your conditioner. Condition your hair, and then rub your hands over your legs and shave while the conditioner is working.

Here's my list, based on yours:

face wash --YES
hand wash --YES, if you mean the handsoap on the sink that I use after going potty

bar soap --NO, I use a body wash, but it's the same line on the form

shampoo --YES, but not every day anymore
conditioner --YES, but not every day anymore
hair serum --only once a month, now that I color my hair (which you left out!)

hair mouse --NO, I can just comb and go

toothpaste --YES
floss --YES
mouthwash --YES, the re-enameling kind
shaving gel -NO, I use conditioner, as above
deodorant --YES
body lotion --NO. I have some (a giveaway), but I'm too lazy
foot powder/or lotion --NO, but I probably should. Again, I'm too lazy
face cream -NO, but I probably should. I do rarely
foundation --NO, I skip all that makeup stuff, but this is hardly a weird indulgence of yours! I never wear foundation, even when I go "all out" for a party
blush --NO, again, but I wear it for a party
powder --NO, even if I did wear makeup, I can't stand powder
eyeshadow --NO, again, except for parties
eyeliner --NO, again, and not even for parties
mascara --YES, but rarely--almost the only makeup I wear for everyday
lipstick --NO, but for parties

Your list isn't really all that horribly indulgent, actually.

You left off hair color; I use an antichafing stuff if I wear a skirt, since I don't wear pantyhose.

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It is absolutely crazy the number of redundant products that I have!!! I have so many because I'm always looking for the magic bullet.

Some time ago (I reported it here), I had a "consolidation" project. For example, I got a large pump bottle and emptied all my moisturizers in to it since not one seemed to be the magic bullet. Now my moisturizer has a large number of elements in it.

Same thing with shampoos and conditioners. Of late, I have been using cheap olive oil as a conditioner; works as well as anything else and it's good for the scalp.

Liquid foundation, foam foundation, mineral foundation, spray foundation...I've got them all--again in search of the magic one.

My daughter went jogging in my neighborhood then took a shower at my house. She was aghast over the number of personal care products but no deodorant. I explained that the deodorant(s) were in my closet where I get dressed along with the spot treatment for when I undress and can handle the spot at that time rather than when I have a load for the washer.

I want to put together a donation for the women's shelter. Knowing how overly regulated things are now a days, do you think they would take opened "small amount missing" products?

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"shaving gel"

I've started using a razor that has little bars of soap already attached and I love it. I do that sort of thing in the shower anyway and these little razors are great, no lathering up necessary and the razor just glides across your skin. It's not disposable and has replaceable blade heads which take up very little room in the cupboard

I also use my body wash as a face wash, but since I have sensitive skin I use a gentle soap free wash so it's not drying, and I don't use lotion because the wash doesn't dry out my skin so I just don't need it and my skin is super soft because I don't use harsh soaps or washes

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Cheap shampoo from the 99 cent/dollar store is fabulous! You can use it on face, hair, for shaving, laundry, just about anything except washing dishes. Think multi-tasking! I once put about ten of those shampoo samples you get at a motel in the washing machine for my clothes. It smelled devine!

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This is a fun post.

I will say that in my busy working military life, I could get up, shower, shave underarms (daily), legs (3x weekly)makeup (eye shadow, mascara, foundation, powder, lipstick), hair (washed and blow dried, very short), dressed and out the door in 25 minutes. Now, years later, I use far less products and it seems to take far longer.

When I was stationed in Spain I could get waxed, from top to toes, for about $7 so I never had to shave of pluck or anything. That made getting ready for work a real breeze.

Now, in a typical morning I use:

face wash - I use an Oil of Olay-type face cloth.
hand wash - Dial Complete on all the sinks, two baths, mudroom, and kitchen.
bar soap - I use a liquid soap; DH still uses the bars. :(
shampoo - Daily
conditioner - Perhaps once a week.
hair serum - Never heard of it.
hair mouse - No, but I keep a can of hairspray for the 3-4 times I year I might use it.
toothpaste - At least five times a day.
floss - Yes, but should more often.
mouthwash - Listerine; twice a day for gum protection.
shaving gel - Ha! The few times I shave I use shampoo.
deodorant - Kept in both bathrooms and the bedroom. Wherever I dress I'm ready!
body lotion - Rarely, but more so in winter.
foot powder/or lotion - Gold Bond all over.
face cream - No; but Mom says I should.
foundation - Very rarely; 2-3 times a year.
blush - I'm taking treatments for Rosacea so I'm good on the natural blush! LOL
powder - Very rarely; 2-3 times a year.
eyeshadow - Very rarely; 2-3 times a year.
eyeliner - No; never liked the look.
mascara - Can no longer wear.
lipstick - Every day. I love lipstick with colour, but not the pale, dead looking non-color most gals are wearing now. I wear earrings daily, too. I love lipstick and earrings.

And that's the daily stuff, add to that the occasional:

hair coloring - I stopped coloring three months ago. I'm liking the "salt and pepper," heavy on the salt look!
tooth whitening strips - No.
nail polish/ base coat/top coat - I cut my nails as short as possible and push the cuticles back once a week. When I worked I kept them short and polished with a pale pink color. I did it my self. I do get medium length dark red gel nails for the Christmas season.
nail polish remover - No need
cuticle cream - No, but about every four months I'll get a manicure that does not include polish or false nails. They just soak, trim, work off the cuticles and do a hot wax dip.
hand lotion - I keep bottles on each sink

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