Clawfoot tub question

chabangAugust 23, 2008

Hi all, I'm in the process of remodeling my son's bathroom in a vintage style (penny round tile floors/subway tile on walls and clawfoot tub). I've bought 1" height coasters from for the tub because I thought it would be a good idea so as not to scratch the penny rounds. I'm now concerned about adding that extra height to the tub...esp. since it's a child's bathroom. Do those of you with clawfoot tub feel the increased height would make it a bad idea to raise it even more with coasters thus making the tub more difficult to get in and out of?


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How old is your son?

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He's only 15months so, of course is currently being lifted out but we'll be in this house probably through his childhood. I've heard alot of adults complain about getting in and out of clawfoots because of increased height also (I never really thought it was an issue and just hold onto the rim). The other concern is that the floor will be penny rounds and I'm worried about this 300lb tub cracking or popping out a tile if there's no coaster.

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I don't think a set of coasters is going to do much to distribute the weight, to be honest. They aren't much larger in diameter than the foot of the tub itself, so you'll still have a lot of weight coming down on a small surface, no?

I have a cast iron clawfoot tub in my town house, and with water in it, I'd guess you can add about four hundred more pounds. Three hundred is a modest estimate, empty. We did get our ninety year old mother in and out of it, however, with the aid of a chair next to the tub, so that she could sit on the chair and then swivel her legs around and help lower and raise her into it.

Let's put it this way, I survived a cast iron clawfoot tub when I was a kid. LOL. Also survived a three foot deep, square tile pit tub as a kid in Japan. I should think that when he is that little he won't be bathing unattended and you can at least help him in and out, but safety is an issue that wasn't addressed so much in the era in which your tub was made. I think your concerns are legitimate, and sorry I can't be of more help.

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I don't see why you need to put anything under the feet of the clawfoot tub. Our clawfoot tub sits directly on top of 1" hexagon tiles...penny rounds would be pretty similar. Floors of small tiles were pretty standard in bathrooms during the timeframe of clawfoots. The tub isn't going to move around at all, so I don't see that it will cause an issue for you.

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Like arlosmom, our clawfoot has sat on 1" square tiles for almost 100 years with no breakage or popping. Scratching is not an issue since that would require movement of the tub, which they don't. And remember how athletic and flexible kids are compared to us older folks and how they turn household items like stair bannisters into toys LOL!!

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Thanks so much for input. I've decided not to use the coasters. I don't think they add anything aesthetically or functionally (and I could use the 40$ on towels!).

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