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wannadancSeptember 27, 2005

I thought I had made a significant discovery when I decided that I didn't need two coffee tables in the front room ....that the one made by my father gets to stay, but the other one HAS to go - even if only to the garage until I find a needy family.

Telling this to my equally afflicted acquisition addicted femme friend, she stuns me w/ her count - 12 to be exact ....4 in the front room, the others standing on end in storage.

How many do YOU have???? Do you USE them all or are you just hibernating them for their future life.

I am really trying to look at things in a different light - help me NOW or get out of here ........yeah, that is the new rule for staying in my house!



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I have a Pennsylvania House oak coffee table that's gathering dust in the garage, placed there because of little ones falling. I have another lovely mahogany butler's tray table in the living room, which has a charming shape and rather small size. I had a piece of glass cut for the top. This table is used constantly. I need to donate that garage table... or put it in the attic.

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I love your new rule, Vicki!

I have exactly no coffee tables. I had a roommate who had one, and not only was it HUGE, but it had no toe-kick area, so I was always tripping over the stupid thing.

So, I swore I would never live with one again It's nice--I can walk across my living room without making a detour. My kids can sprawl across the floor, or set up thousands of castles, or spread the blue blanket out for a sea.

I do have end tables, and every now and then I think it would be nice to have a coffee table--not lately, but a few years ago.

I once saw a coffee table that was drop-leaf. it wasn't THAT huge open, but its ends dropped down. I wanted it so bad, but we were in Calif on vacation, and DH said, "how will we get it home?" Now, I'd know enough to ask the shop owner to simply ship it for me--it wasn't THAT heavy or large.

But I know that any table out for any length of time would just be a junk catcher in my house. And I like the "foot room!"

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Coffee table count: One (in the family room in the basement, the kids sit around it).

End table count: Three in the living room, two in the basement (that I would throw out but DH would throw a fit-- he sees no point in getting rid of something "good" that "we might need some day" in spite of the fact these came from old neighbors a billion years ago and the tables would NEVER go in our living room because they're old, ugly formica things).

At one point I wanted to collect little wooden end tables and put them here and there... I'm not sure what happened to that dream (reality, maybe? LOL) but I saw it done tastefully at a house once and thought they were cute.


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My neighbor moved a few weeks ago and gave me a beautiful coffee table. It's a drop leaf which will be great to open for extra space for playing games or even sitting on the floor for a casual meal and a movie some evenings. I love it. I had my DH's college trunk as a coffee table for many years, The dark green matched the l.r. and it had lots of space for games and other storage. Now it's in the laundry room to hold fabric...LOL see Talley Sue's post about fabric. :)

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I love the table count ..... and I so agree w/ the beauty of the freedom in front of the couch .... but WHY did it take me this long to discover that? Kids are grown/gone, cig smoking is passe, mag numbers reduced - and still - it was only 72 hours ago that I made the decision. Pop's table is one of those sliding extender types which worked well with big cushions to add seating - yes, it stays - but no more ankle breakers, shin skinners!!!! It is placed in front of window - not in front of furniture.



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We have two. One is in the family room - it's a medium size & has two drawers, which really help us. In fact, I refused to buy one without the drawers. DH's magazines tend to pile up in other spots without the drawers. Now, when his drawer starts getting full, he tosses some of them.

The other coffee table we have is in the living room. It's a beautiful carved antique with two trays that lift off. Now that we've decided to change the living room into the family room & the family room into a home office, I don't know what I'll do with it. I really like it & it's very sentimental. I found it a few days before my first wedding anniversary & my mother (now deceased) bought it for us as a gift. We're going to have a home office/library with a big chair & ottoman for reading. The table is really too formal for the style we'll be going with, but I might try it by the chair to see how it looks.


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It's funny, but we don't have any coffee tables. I just mentioned to my DH the other day that maybe we should get one for the living room, but he said no, that he likes having the floor space. I thought it might be handy for placing food and drinks on when entertaining, but we do that rarely too, so it's not really an issue. We had a brass and glass one when we first got married, but it fell apart and is long gone. We don't even have any end tables! There is a floor lamp that has a small tray attached and that's it.

In the family room, we do have 2 end tables on either side of the couch, but again, no coffe table!


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We have three tables. One, our daughter-in-law's brother's ex-wife gave us.(how do youlike that for a convoluted sentance?) He had made the table out of a huge slab of pine lumber. I love it. We do not use it as a coffee table cause we don't have a sofa and use recliners. We have it in the corner with a lamp and magazines sitting on it

The second table is a tray table that a friend gave our daughter when her house burnt, many years ago. It actually was too fragile for her houseful of boys, so I inherited it. I'm using it as a chair table next to my chair.

The third table is really sturdy and I use it for an exercise bench when I exercise(ha-ha). I don't know where my husband has it stored but he will know and be able to lay his hands on it immediantly.

My husband is about the best husband anyone could ask for but he is a pack rat. The problem is, quite often, something I've thrown away, he's saved. AND then I find myself needing it again. He does not say "I told you so"

I love tables and have had to pare down the many ones we've had. The only other table we use is an antique folding table. Our other daughter, the one who died last winter, and her ex gave it to us many moons ago.

We even got rid of our dining room table. We never used it and it just collected junk. We have a beautiful eating counter and that's what we use. When we have a large gathering, we borrow some folding tables, but usually we have our gatherings in the summer and eat outside.

man, I'm mouthy this morning.

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that I would throw out but DH would throw a fit-- he sees no point in getting rid of something "good" that "we might need some day" in spite of the fact these came from old neighbors a billion years ago and the tables would NEVER go in our living room because they're old, ugly formica things)

don't you know some college grad just starting out, that really NEEDS those tables? Maybe DH would give them away if someone else "needed them someday"?

He does not say "I told you so"

Gotta love that in a husband (even a packrat huband), shirley!

Greta, good luck figuring out a new home or use for that lovely table. Time to think "out of the box"--some other room? A bathroom? dining room? bedroom?

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Talley Sue, I don't dare mention the "college" idea! One son is in college... I could be stuck with these tables until HE graduates--and I know he will NOT want them. LOL

We actually did get rid of an ancient worn out sleeper sofa in the family room this summer that had been in DH's parent's house for 15 years(therefore previously immune to attempts to discard) and our house for 20. They day he admitted it was past it's prime was a VERY happy day for me.

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We don't have any coffee tables, but an inherited set of small wooden tables that stack, which is very handy. They are easy to move.

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We happen to have two coffee tables in our living room (our only living area!) -- and they both work for us. One is an antique painted trunk -- and the other one is an oval mahogany table.

We have two plum leather sofas -- so there is lots of room for glasses and plates etc. And the trunk simply can stand any abuse -- it is already "distressed" LOL!!!

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One coffee table here. But it's a big one. Square. Glass-topped. The glass has broken twice,it's expensive to replace. It has to be stored in a closet at Christmas-time to make room for the tree.

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