Spider Webs

joyce_6333August 6, 2005

Never had this problem until we moved to the midwest and bought this old house. We get so many spider webs on the outside of the house. I can hose the house down, at least as far as I can reach, and by the next morning areas are covered in cob webs again. They are in every corner, around the light fixtures, windows, and steps. Is this a job for the Orkin man? or is there an easier solution?

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I've got the same webs on my old house here in North Carolina!!! In fact, I never see any spiders in the webs. I can sweep them off the mailbox and away from the porch light fixtures on one day, and the next day - there they are again.

Do you have spiders in your house? I don't - which is better to have them outside than inside, I guess. Hope someone has some advice.

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Theresa: No I really don't have the problem in the house, just outside. When we first moved in, we did have a problem inside. But I vacuumed religiously in all the corners, etc., and that took care of them. This outside thing is driving me nuts! It's kind of embarassing when people come up to the door, and the handle is covered with these icky, sticky things.

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I hear you, Joyce! Mostly they love the corner areas all around the two side lights beside my front door, and over the mailbox and above the two outside light fixtures on either side of the front door. Then there are the corners of the porch - all 5 or 6 of them. I would have to sweep them off a couple of times a day to keep the cob webs off.

I always heard that you want spider webs at your entrances to keep other bugs from flying in - but, this is ridiculous!

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Yeah, but look at it this way. You won't have to decorate for Halloween!

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Do you leave lights on all night outside? Sometimes that attracts many night-flying insects, which, in turn attract spiders.

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I never leave my nights on all night. But the neighbor across the street does every night.

Can you spray to get rid of spiders?

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I just washed the house down with some Dr. Bronners and water with a deck brush, as we get mildew and spiders galore. Then I sprayed the exterior with Scotts bug spray which says it is residual up to 9 months inside (I guess not as long outdoors). It seems to be helping...


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There is a spray which eliminates spider webs and discourages spiders from returning to spin new ones. I don't remember the name of it, but try a search for spider web spray. This is for the webs, not the spiders themselves.

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I had the same problem with spider webs. I bought an old home in the midwest, too. I did everything I could possibly think of to get rid of the spiders. I ended up calling an exterminator ( mainly because they were also in the basement, too). The spiders were also coming into my home (right around the door!). That was about 5 months ago... so far I haven't seen more webs or spiders. I'm not suggesting you call an exterminator--- it was costly & I probably could have sprayed myself had I known what to buy. Nevertheless, it's an option if nothing else works.
I also bought bug lights.

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I use shop vac with long PC pipe. Spray raid on cotton ball and suck s it up first. That way get spider and web. And not over doing it with bug spray.

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You know,

Spiders only nest where the air is clean, and there's lots of bugs.

Your icky outside spiders are eating tons of icky biting pests every day.

Please don't spray them.

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No, I don't intend to spray to get rid of the spiders. Guess I'll just keep sweeping them down every few days. I did notice when I drove up just now in the dark that my end table lamp puts out a lot of light through the door sidelights. So, I turned off that lamp and turned on another one that is further away from the door.

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