Weekend Report?

jamie_mtSeptember 2, 2008

I know Marie was filing from another thread - congrats on dealing with all that paper, and your kitchen too! What did everyone else get done this weekend?

I deep cleaned the living room/dining room carpets, and completely cleaned out and reorganized the lower main shelves of my pantry...it looks so much better, it shocks me every time I open it! We finally hung curtains in the office too - including those for my closet. I also bought a dish drainer for over one of the kitchen sinks, finally solving the problem of where to put dishes not washed in the dishwasher to dry.

Anyone else make major progress over the long weekend?

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Well, I didn't get much done around home, but I did have fun garage saling and thrift shopping. Our son came up for a visit with his son. While he went to work we kept Owen over night and into Monday afternoon so our son could get some much needed sleep. His Mommy went with a friend to her cabin and they thought it best Owen stay with us. Ofcourse we didn't argue! He's such a doll.
He'll be nine months old the 8th so you know how active he is. We had a ball with him. I found some great toys and a walker for him. I gave them a cleaning, though they all were very well taken care of.
He sure is a Grammy's boy though. Whenever I came into the room he'd crawl to me and pull himself up to get some Grammy hugs. Talk about giving me a swelled head and bursting heart.

This was Owen Friday night at the bowling alley. His Daddy took the picture.

And this one was again taken by his Daddy. The blue jeaned knees are my hubby's the proud Grampa and I'm behing Owen giving him a big kiss on his back. He seemed to think this was funny.

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Those pictures are so sweet, Justgottabeme! He's a cutie!

I DEEP CLEANED my kitchen and both bathrooms. It makes me smile to walk into either bathroom or the kitchen right now. I also threw away a ton of stuff from all 3 rooms.

I feel really good that I accomplished so much in a weekend, and all 3 of my boys helped. Those boys will make someone a good husband some day - they can scrub a toilet and bathtub and clean out the fridge already! AND when you do it all together, they are happy to help and it's a really fun, positive experience!

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Thanks Mommabird. I hope I can get back to getting things done starting tomorrow since I'll be watching Owen all next week and four days a week after that. Not that I'm complaining. :^D

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You can never get anything done when watching a baby. I use to watch my two grandkids and was to tired even when they went home.

I didn't get anything done over the weekend except for shuffling kids around.

I did get all my errands done yesterday which is surprising but didn't have much energy to do anything else except for making dinner, laundry and vacuuming.

Today I have balanced my check book and did a little laundry but nothing else.

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Sounds like everyone was busy this past weekend, one way or the other. :-)

Here are some pics of the office curtains - the room is much darker now, but I still like it, and the curtains are lined velvet, so they will definately keep the cold out (and they give a regal, office-y look to the place). I want some light carmel/gold swags to finish off the tops of the window curtains eventually.

Over the secretary:

The long windows on the west wall (bunched up on the table to keep the hems out of the heat register - I need to pin the bottoms up a little):

My closet - closed:

And open:

Finally, my other "organizing solution" for the weekend - a dish drainer for over my sink! It's such a simple little thing, but it makes such a difference being able to wash the overflow from the dishwasher every night, and not have to leave the clean dishes laying all over the counters on towels!

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We, unfortunately, got screwed out of the opportunity to do any work this weekend. We are buying a house - the one we currently own was flooded this summer, and the City is buying it. The one we're trying to buy (closing date is 9/11) - well, we had asked permission to have access so we could go in and clean things... it has been a rental for a few years so it needs some serious attention... and were refused. (We are VERY anxious to have the home ready to move into on our closing date, but it looks like that is not going to happen - two more weeks in the camper while we clean/fix... *sigh*...)

So to summarize: we are living in a camper, we have a LOT of work to do on the new house before we can move in, and are working with a seller who's unwilling to let us even go in and clean their vacant house.

It was a HORRIBLE weekend. Sorry to be such a downer... the camper is getting to me.

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I think that would be getting to anyone, Janet. Good lord...sounds horrible! Vent all you want. I wonder why that seller is being such a pain - something they don't want you to see? I'd insist on another walk-through before closing at least, and look very, very carefully at everything, just to be on the safe side.

Good luck - hopefully you can get out of that camper soon!

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Maybe the seller doesn't want to deal with any liability issues if someone slips and falls, etc.
After all, it IS still their house...

Sorry they won't work with you, though!

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I folded fitted sheets! LOL! Yeah, it doesn't seem like much (even if there were 5 of them? And some were queen-sized?!)
But it really did save a lot of space in the guest room closet, now that I'm not just attempting a feeble fold and winding up balling the thing up! And I took another poster's advice by stacking the pair of sheets and a pillowcase for a set and tucking it all into the 2nd pillowcase, so that everything is together.
The tighter-looking storage also shows me exactly what I have. And I realized that I recently bought another sheet set (for the guest bed or sofa) that I don't even need, so I returned it to the store. Which is a bonus!

I also went through a stash of towels and old blankets, and now I have another pile to take to the animal shelter next week. One lesson learned: I will never again run from store to store looking for the "perfect" towels to match a newly painted room. I found 3 hand towels in 3 different shades of lavender! And I've been soooo over lavender for at least 2 years! White towels for me from now on!

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Feeling a little better today, thanks for allowing me to vent. This was just a hitch in the process, we will get through it. I'm sure that asking for access prior to ownership is very much frowned upon, and most likely the seller's agent cautioned him against it, even with our unique situation, precisely for the liability issue. I understand their concern - but I also know we cannot take much more camper living. No one - and I mean NO ONE - really understands the level of stress we are under. We ourselves completely under-estimated it at the beginning of the summer ("we'll just live in the camper til it all gets resolved" - wow, we had no idea what confined space would do to us as a family.)

Anyway, I don't blame them for refusing - I get their position - I was just hoping they would take pity on us so we could be productive. One more week til closing, then hopefully only a few days of just the most necessary repairs/clean-up, THEN moving in mid-September with the rest of the repairs to follow. The one good thing is that we don't have that much "stuff" to move... most of it was destroyed in the flood, so we only have some plastic tubs full of the stuff we were able to rescue prior to being forced out of the house.


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