Master bedroom - pics - before and after

trekarenSeptember 25, 2005

Also designed by Container Store. And very much still a work in progress. I am still fiddling with how I will arrange shoes, hang shelves, etc. Also note that the AFTER is also AFTER donating a mountain of clothes to MUST ministries for the local evacuees of Katrina.



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Karen, it looks great! You should be very proud. I wish my closet was big enough to do that. We are planning to double-hang ours in the future, but we don't have room for much else, since we live in an older house. I miss the wonderful L-shaped closed we had in our condo with lots of shelves.

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Even if you don't buy it at Container store, you should still go online, and send them your dimensions. See what they come up with! They might have some creative ideas to give you more hanging and storage than you may have thought.

The other thing I like is that they use metal poles now, instead of having to try and put hangers on those old style elfa racks. I hated those old style ones! These new ones are very much like department store clothes hangers.

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Big difference--good for you!! I wish I had a closet. :-)

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Great job Karen!

I just feel so much better and more efficient when I walk into the closet and it is organized.

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I just wish I could afford to buy those fancy hangers like they use on Clean Sweep! But I am purging out cheaper wire hangers, and as I get better quality hangers from the drycleaners, I'm using them. Good hangers are definitely more efficient than cheap ones.

In DD's closet, I bought the plastic kind, and for her clothes, they are working very nicely. I just think they'd be too fat in our closet for hubby's and my clothes.

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Beautiful job!

TREKaren, time to put "hangers" on your Christmas list!

Or, pick a style you like that will be around for a little while, and buy yourself a batch every now and then--as a reward, or for your birthday.

What a great job. And LOOK LOOK LOOK! A big stretch of empty shelf!

(wanna suggestion? You know I always have them. Get at least one more, but even better two more, sweater shelves. So you can have shorter stacks. Esp. w/ those shelves, the shelf itself doesn't take up that much room. But I bet it'll be easier to maneuver your clothes, and you'll be more likely to wear the clothes at the bottom of the stack. AND get another shelf to go under that short one in the bottom picture.)

As always, I'll spend your money for you, LOL!

And how neat to know that Elfa has the rods now--sounds like they listened to some customer feedback!

I have this wacky closet that's long and skinny, and I keep meaning to go to the Container Store or Easy Closets and get a plan from them. But, we're supposed to be moving now, so it seems an unfruitful diversion of energy.

But I have vowed, wherever we end up, I want to get a good set of infrastructure in there. (And Elfa seems like it would be flexible--you could shift things around without starting completely over)

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Yes I do plan on heading back for more shelves! Either that or pull out drawers.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to go back later in the week. I also am not 100% satisfied with the shoe shelves yet. Not completely efficient yet. But I'm still playing around with the layout.

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