Update- Daughters Closet - photo

trekarenSeptember 25, 2005

Sorry! We got carried away and I did not get any "before" pics, but it was just a wood rod, and wood shelf, nothing more.

This is from container store. We sent them the measurements, and they came up with the design.

In this system, the only thing attached to the wall is the rail at top. So as she grows, we can rearrange the shelves as needed.

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Karen, two closets - wow! I would have loved to have an organized closet like this growing up. I had a nice walk-in closet, which was actually larger than the closet DH & I share now. Of course, it had the standard rod & shelf above on both sides. It would have been great to have some smaller shelves & containers for other things that ended up just tossed in. I love that you can rearrange the shelves to suit your daughter's needs as she grows.

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That's nice! And I see Sterilite drawers there at the bottom, don't I?

(I'd throw in another shelf there above the shoes--but sometimes I think I cram TOO much in.

And it sure makes it easier to commit to spending the $$ if you know you can move stuff up and down and over if you need to. And that you can go next year and buy another shelf, or a drawer, or something, and it'll FIT!

This is making me wish I could go get the Container Store to redo my kids' closet, but it's a waste of time and money right now.

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