Disney VHS Tapes

msmagooSeptember 28, 2008

We have a collection of Disney video tapes that the kids watched when they were small(now 21&13). I can't bring myself to part with them(on occasion they still will watch them, but rarely). I have places to store them but if I hang on to them I realize that one day there won't be a VHS recorder in the house. We have 2 that still work. It will be like having a collection of 8-track tapes!! Any suggestions?

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Don't VHS tapes have a shelf life of only ~20 years?

Buy them on DVD (and get rid of the tapes) and hope that format is around a while....

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We have a couple of Disney tapes. My daughter (17!) still loves to watch them and in fact rented 2 the other day. We were talking to the woman at the store saying we had Beauty & the Beast and she said she wished they had it, but it was rented out once & not returned. The problem with Disney tapes is they only sell them every 10 years or something like that, so you can't just go out and get them on DVD. I would hold on to them if your kids like to watch them. Otherwise, a local video store might appreciate them.

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Ask around because someone may be able to put them on a DVD for you. I don't have the DVD recorder but some of my friends do.

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I donated all our old Disney VHS movies to a day care center. I figure when the grandchildren come along (my daughters are 19 and 20,no rush) , I will start them on a new collection of dVD's or whatever medium is "in" at the time.

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msmagoo - I can almost guarantee that your local library will ALWAYS have the Disney movies on DVD. Think of it this way - the library will store your DVDs for you. Any time you want to watch them, you can reserve them and go pick them up from your storage depository (aka library).

That's how I think of the library - what a great thing, they will store all my books and movies for me! It relieves me of dealing with the clutter!

I had A TON of VHS Disney, Veggie Tales, and other kid movies. Even though my youngest is only 8, they never watched the VHS any more. So I gave them all to my church library - that way a lot of kids can enjoy them! The DVDs are just so much smaller to store so I kept them.

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Having a 3 yr old obsessed with princesses right now, I would suggest you ask your friends with kids/grandkids if they would like to have any of the VHS.

The way that Disney Vault is, it's pretty hard to find the movies you want.

When my cousin offered up her Cinderella VHS to us a while back (must be 15 years old at least), I almost cried out loud. DD watches it all the time and I'm so thankful for the VHS copy. Not sure how many years it will be before it will be re-released and I can just go buy it without an ordeal.

You just can't find Cinderella or any other Disney movie in the vault unless you know someone who wants to unload it, or pay a pretty penny on EBay.

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