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alisandeSeptember 14, 2005

I'm still working on my files. In fact, I think I'll be filing for the next eight months or so, with a quick break for Christmas. :-)

I read and tried to implement the advice about choosing broad categories for our files. Even so, I have a substantial pile of papers that don't fit in any category. I can only conclude what I've known all along: I save way too much stuff.

I know why I do it. My mother died suddenly when I was nine, and well-meaning relatives left me almost nothing of hers. My most treasured possession was her diary, but even that contained only a handful of entries.

So I save all my journals, and most of my letters, and letters others have written me, and clips of my publications, and on and on...the things I once described in a poem as evidence that we lived. I think my vision is that when I'm gone I will have left behind a great deal of myself for my children to read. The fact is, it will probably add up to more than anyone would want to read. Still, I file on...

Anyone else saving more than you should?


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I definitely saved nore than I should: at least five journals, cuttings of news articles, comics, poetry,etc that I liked, EVERY paper my daughter brought home from nursery school thru grade 3 (stashed in portfolios and stuffed under my bedroom dresser, photos of my gardens covering the last 8 years (meant for a scrapbook that was never begun), all my clothing since high school (when I had a twenty inch waist). WHY do I keep all this stuff? Some might make good nostalgic hand-me-downs, last week my daughter went to a costume party and wore some of my 60"s clothes. But I think you hit the nail on the head: I want proof of my life, to leave behind a legacy. I know its sick,sick,sick. My MIL died in January and we had a devil of a time cleaning out her house. Example-She saved her heating bills back to 1955-what was she expecting, a rebate? I don't want my kids put through that. And my husband absolutely HATES all my stuff. I found a photo of my daughter from girls softball age 6. He barely looked at it, said "cute" and went back to looking at TV. No body cares!!!

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