aluminum foil/plastic wrap storage

talley_sue_nycSeptember 19, 2007

i keep this stuff under my sink on a shelf, but it's all sort of in a pile.

What do you think about getting one of those wall-mounted racks made to hold this sort of stuff, and mounting it AT AN ANGLE? or horizontally?

I don't want to put it on the inside of the door, and if I mount it straight up and down, it'll be too close to the top of the cabinet to slide anything out. But if I mounted it either horizontally or at an angle, I could pull stuff out.

The stupid tabs are on the wrong side for horizontal mounting for two of them, I guess.

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This under cabinet dispenser might work OK if you stood it on its end to mount it on the side of the cabinet....I'd just take the door off.

I could use something like this, but it might be more of a pain.

The under-shelf version made of white wire is interesting, but won't work in my space. I suppose I could try to move stuff around...

I suppose I could have something made in that first one, in the post above, which is also like like this one made of wire, but w/ the L-shape of the shelves all going the same way. (If i put these on their sides, the slots on the top might be harder to use....But they're only $10, maybe the frustration factor would be low enough.

I suppose I could get this free-standing one, and leave them on the shelf they're in, but it would keep them from falling over, and getting tangled, etc. Since the shelf they're on is wire, I could fasten this unit in place w/ cable ties....

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I don't know but if you come up with a solution, let me know.

Mine is installed under the sink -- and yes, it is really difficult to get out a roll. Plus I have the problem with storage bags. Where do you store those? Horizontal installation would not have been any better.

And not to step on your thread -- but how about lunch item storage? Sandwich bags and Glad containers??


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I've used the wall mounted rack and the wire kind that sit on a shelf, but the most successful storage has been in a shallow drawer, along with boxes of baggies. I think this is because the wrap or baggie box doesn't have to come out or go very far, so the box is more likely to get back to its appointed place. A drawer can usually hold more than a rack.

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I never have found a solution to where you're trying to store them. I just cleared out a shallow top drawer and keep them all in there right under my food prep/clean up area. Designed the new house to have that, too, only with slightly deeper drawers. Because some manufacturers make their boxes a little too big for my shallow drawer. Saves my back big time.

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TS, I have tried most of the solutions that you linked to. I have way too many boxes of foil, press 'n seal, parchment, waxed paper, and every size ziplocs so most storage solutions weren't sufficient and convenient.

I finally am somewhat satisfied with using magazine holders that I had in storage. They are wide enough for two boxes across and three deep.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magazine Holders

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I don't have a drawer I can use. It's a small kitchen, and all 4 drawers are in use.

I have to fit them under my sink. *maybe* I could fit them in some other cabinet.

I might look into "back of the door," but the door in question is only about 11" wide.

Cathy, I was thinking I would put the wraps on the wall, and leave the baggies on the shelf in question; then I can just pull the bags out from the top (and the wraps will be out of the way).

Lunch bags are behind us in an oddly shaped drawer (or just sitting on the counter, more likely). Leftovers containers are in a bottom drawer 2 cabinets away.

As I said, it's a small kitchen, so nothing is more than a step and a half away. But the wraps are a pain in the patootie.

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I like the drawer storage, but I don't have enough drawers to devote to these items right now. I have found that not keeping them low is important for me. I have a cabinet about head high, which isn't great for me to store other items I need. It's just a bit too high. I can see the end of each of the boxes and easily pull out what I need. The space behind the zip lock boxes ends up as storage for the occasional use items like paper plates.


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Hmmmm, up high--I'll have to look into that. I have an over-the-fridge cabinet, but it's being used to the max w/ other stuff right now.

I've decided I want to learn how to make things out of Lucite or Plexiglas, bcs I can *see* what I need, but it doesn't exist. I could imagine how to make it out of wood, or foam board, but I don't have tools for wood, and foam board wouldn't be strong enough.

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Talley Sue -- thanks for the links -- that under-shelf white wire unit might just work for lunch items.

I have spent the day trying to organize a new cabinet. I have an old farmhouse with limited kitchen cabinets. I have 2 great pantries but those are used for home-canned items.

I eliminated the microwave cabinet that held coffee pot, toaster, microwave and in its base -- the dreaded plastic containers!!!

In its place, I put a 36"x84" tall wainscotted cabinet that I bought at an auction ($70 -- yea!!) I drilled a hole for the wiring and put the microwave on a shelf. I'm also storing the stand mixer, food processor and toaster there. Coffee pot went on the counter.

Lots of storage behind doors!! YEA!! But it needs to be easily accessible and useable. So far, I've done a lot of thinking, moving and re-thinking. I'm working on the lunch area now -- storage for bags, containers, thermos etc. I make lunch at 5:30 am and I don't start to think until the caffeine sinks in -- about 6:30!! So I'm orgainizing everything together so I don't forget what I need.

We'll see how I do.


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I found a wooden wrap rack and paper towel holder some years ago. I attached it with screws to the wall of my kitchen. I don't have a digital camera, so I can't show you what it looks like.

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Jannie, does it look like the wooden one I found for mounting under the cabinets?

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I have an upper narrow cabinet and by removing the middle shelf, I was able to put these boxes into it. They are standing up in a divided box that had held beer. This really works for me.

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I have this mounted on a wall in my very small kitchen and it works great. We got one for my mom who loves using it too. There is a larger one that holds the 3 rolls plus baggies.


Here is a link that might be useful: Leifheit

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Just to get your fertile mind going, not that it'll work for you for this particular problem, go to Siematic's website (for some reason I can't get the link to post today) and search around till you find the Multi-something. Photos of all the bins, foil wrap containers, a BUNCH of neat stuff, that all fits on their track system.

There's a current thread in (I think) Building a Home here about inside-cabinet fittings. That's where I found the siematic info. But you have to drill down a lot; confused me. If I can link it again later I will.

That Leifheit one looks nice, but looks like you have to slide that lever across each time to cut the wrap. Not sure I'd like that myself.

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Here's the siematic link. Or you click on Our Kitchens, then Functionalities, then MultiMatic.

The current thread here is on the Kitchens forum, BTW

Here is a link that might be useful: siematic's multimatic cabinet fittings

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Well, I took a flyer on the one that will sit on the shelf, and now I wish I'd gotten THIS shelf version; it looks more substantial than the one I got.

(but they really shoudl have put the storage bags on the TOP, so you can pull one out w/o having to take the box all the way out. Also, the slightly larger boxes that some storage bags come in will fit nicely on the top)

I got to wondering if there was some way to wall mount this one on the side.

The wall mounted one Maria showed is neat--but this will be under the sink. It might be hard to bend down and pull the wrap out (not a lot of room below it). I sort of like having the wrap in the original bog.

I used to store them on their ends (actually, I turned the shelf rack on its end, and let it hold them all up--the exact model I just ordered in fact, but I threw it out long ago) But I found that the end of the aluminum foil was getting crimped, and I couldn't pull a sheet off smoothly; it kept tearing.

Pinktoes, I'm going to go look at that Siematic info.

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Here's how to find the "MultiMate"

Go to the SieMatic home page; ;click "our kitchens"

Then place your cursor on "Collection," and look for "Functionalities" in the list that pops up, and click it.

Then select "MultiMate

absolutely incredible!

I have heard that SieMatic won't sell stuff independent of their cabinets. That's really too bad! But there's probably a way to jury-rig some of those things.

Here is a link that might be useful: SieMatic

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talleysue: that's what I'm thinking. Almost all the fittings look like others I've seen. Probably cheaper, too. The magic of theirs is they fit on their track. You can rig a track or alternative mounting.

I really just glanced at them and will go back and look more. But I really liked the cone coffee-filter holder--which I have not seen anywhere else. And the simple criss-crossed elastic or something they had paper napkins sitting behind. Everybody sell similar cloth covered boards with crisscross bands. And magazines, craft sources have instructions on how to make. For some items that could be perfect, esp. where nothing manufactured exists for the item.

Let us know how your own wrap hold works out, please.

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This coffee=filter holder is designed to mount under a cabint, but it could mount on the back of a door, or the wall of a cabinet.

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talleysue: Thanks very much! I'll order the coffee filter holder. I'm a little uncertain about it really holding my cone filters in place, but it's worth a gamble. If not, I'll repurpose it elsewhere.

So, while I was there, I ran across this (see link) small angled trash can. You might remember me starting a search for wall hung trash cans. I think DH could drill holes in the taller end of this one and rig a mount on the wall. The cutout in the shorter end would help my arthritic hands in lifting it off the wall when needed. (usually I reuse grocery bags as liners, but inevitably the can must be washed.) Good size for my laundry room.

What d'ya think?

Here is a link that might be useful: wall hung trash can candidate???

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I really admire the product designers who think ahead like this:
Angled top surface allows easy access when placed under a desk/table.

It's just so, so--SENSIBLE. Far-thinking. Invested.

I sometimes worry about drilling holes in plastic; I'd worry that the plastic would eventually break.

I do like that handle--I love handles in general, the ones you can put your hands THROUGH (unlike those clothes-basket-style handles that are just a bump, and only the very ends of your fingers can hold them.

If you got worried about the holes, you could have DH build you a platform to simply set it on, up on the wall.

Have you thought about the Rack Sack and its ilk?

(or garbage bags taht come on a roll). another one.

But there are kinds that use the grocery-store bags. (well, i thought there was, but I'm having trouble finding one)

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talleysue: many thanks, again. You are the organizing master!

I'm buying that one from amazon--maybe several of them. Its own rack. how easy! Might get one of the slanted ones for someplace where I won't be wall mounting it--maybe DH's office.

So nice to have choices! more things to critique; critiquing other people's designs being a cheap and always-engaging hobby of mine.

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critiquing other people's designs being a cheap and always-engaging hobby of mine.

Mine, too, LOL!

Fortunately, nobody here seem to mind--or at least, they indulge me by not saying anything!

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I suppose many of us here engage in this hobby and profit from Talley Sue's ability to research and post all those interesting items...


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