Vine suckers on aluminum siding

taylorswayAugust 20, 2008

I have vines covering a section of aluminum siding on a south facing exterior wall of the house. I am considering

eliminating the vines but realise that the vine suckers

that secure themselves to the aluminum will remain and leave an unattractive appearance. Apart from scraping these off and thus wrecking the paint on the aluminum is there any other known way to remove these....??? Any

suggetions would be appreciated.

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A pressure washer, but be sure to stay parallel to the surface as much as possible.

A pressure washer can strip the paint off the aluminum if not used carefully.

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If your siding is over the original surface of the house, and you use water, you'll risk getting water under the siding which could promote rot in the original finish. Because of that, I'd avoid a pressure washer. Unfortunately, I think a ladder, hand brush and elbow grease is going to be the safest way to get this stuff off.

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A good commercial degreaser and elbow grease. A brush on an extension pole works well.

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