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jannieSeptember 16, 2005

I quit my full-time job July 29. Spent all of August sleeping in, and getting kids ready for back-to-school. Sept 12 I started cleaning my house. My goal is to be done by Christmas. I used to belong to Flylady,but her emails took too much of my time to read, so I adapted her system for myself. My house is three floors, thus three "zones". I do a "five-minute room rescue" every day, but it sometimes lasts as long as an hour and a half. Today I finished the kitchen, including spending three days on washing the floor in three sections and cleaning the fridge one shelf a day. It looks and smells beautiful in there ! OOh, and yes, I start a part-time job this afternoon. Wish me luck!

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Wow! You've had an incredible week. Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish when you're by yourself and can move at your own speed with out interruptions? Congratulations on the tremendous progress. Good luck and lots of it!

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hooray! That's a lot of progress! I'm not sure I could "rescue" very much of my house in 5 minutes--maybe 6 square inches?

Keep us up-to-date, so you can brag, we can admire, and you can get all revved up for the next phase!

cleaning the fridge......hmmm.....

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Yep, keep us informed (and encouraged!)

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Yes, do tell! We care about things that ordinary people don't, like finding a better way to store bread bag twisties in your kitchen junk drawer.

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After I hit the 'submit' button, I did recall that I did find a way to stop myself from saving every cotton-picking bread bag twisty that makes it's way into my home: I only save the plastic-coated wire ones that are red, white or blue. Any other color and all of the paper ones get tossed. Ha! I have conquered the bread bag twisty invasion.....

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things like twisties are finally conquered at my house: I have a limit-5.

I could never use up all 5 duck-sauce packets before more came in--so, I can only keep 5. The big challenge is to get DH to throw Nox. 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

I thought of you last night, Jannie, when I looked at the bottom of my fridge! YUCK! I'll have to work on it--sometime.

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Get this (read this using a superior sounding voice)"I don't OWN a bread twisty!!" Naw, really, I don't! (I use rubber bands! LOL) I keep the # to about three and they reside in the silverware drawer.

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I don't keep bread twisties, actually--I keep those plastic-coated twisties that fasten the toys to the box.

They come in handy now and then, actually! I put one on every single extension cord; they hold together the guinea-pig cage (some places are held together w/ cable ties, but those are semi-permanent, so I use the twisties on the divider, which gets moved now and then). But I probably only need to keep 3; I should get rid of some of the ones I've got.

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Those plastic-coated twisties that hold new toys in the box are terrific! I've used them for all sorts of things, from attaching decorations to bikes and attaching wreaths and whatnot to my front lightpost to fixing laundry baskets and securing the tops of big see-through trash bags for long-term storage. They're quite useful.

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OOps-I posted in a different thread (bizarre organizing suggestions). Still going, have to get off the computer. Bye. . .

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Jannie, Good job! Five minute room rescues are how I clean my house during the busiest weeks when I'm out every night after work (which describes the entire month of September).

The rest of you make me laugh! Bread bag twisty invasion INDEED! I rarely eat bread, but the rest of my family stores ours in the kitchen in the toe-level indent under the lower kitchen cupboards.

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