Casual Display Idea for Medals

blueiris24September 7, 2006

Both my kids are in sports and thankfully most of the people are like-minded in that we don't want any more trophies hanging around, so they've gone to medals. They have medals they won (we're also past participation medals) that they love to hang on my refrigerator! Needless to say, this is not working out. I don't want anything as formal as framing them in shadow boxes - they cycle through, but I'd love to have some ideas of how to display them in their rooms so they are out of my kitchen. Thanks.

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the metals will stick to a magnet, yes? That's how they end up on the fridge?

you could put a piece of ferrous sheet metal (some stainless steels--is there a "metal fabricator" in the yellow pages near you? or can you buy a magnet-capable white board or bulletin board for that space?) on the back of their bedroom doors, and let them stick them on there w/ those disk-shaped round magnets (these are 1 dozen for about $2) ( has 'em too)

Here is a link that might be useful: turn this bulletin board on its end to be a vertical rectangle? $40

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I would just get a plain corkboard. The medals my daugher wins are light enough that we can use a straight pin to hold them. We've also just been putting them on a length of ribbon and she hangs that over her dresser. Our problem, is that after a couple of dance contests, we can't tell them apart of when whe won what.


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Could you write the date and/or name of event on a round label and stick it on the back of the medal? Most office supply places carry these.

Here is a link that might be useful: sheets of round labels

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You know those T shaped wooden or metal bars that they make for bathroom to hang hand towels on the counter? We took a fairly large one and my daughter would hang them on the T and it sat on the top of her desk or sometimes she would have it on her nightstand. She had quite a few hanging on it before it was retired.

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Get a couple of those big bulletin boards from the office supply section at Target -- and hang them in the room.

Then they display photos of the winners, medals -- anything --- and the display is easy to change and adapt.

You could even paint the bulletin board or cover it with fabric to match the room .....

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Or use the cork boards on a hallway wall.

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I know this is quite seasonal, but we use our old medals on the Christmas tree with other decorations. You can take the ribbon and knot it in a loop, and then use that as the hanger.

It is nice every year to see them while the tree is up!

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We used to either have the backs of the medals engraved, write on the back with a marker, or put a sticker on the back with the information about where and what the medal was won for.

This medal banner might work. It comes with velcro dots that adhere to the medal and makes it stick on the banner.

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A friend of mine and her dad are pretty serious runners so they have tons of medals between the two of them and I l.o.v.e. their method of display: They have a separate Christmas tree they put up each year in their study and this tree holds all of the medals and ribbons from their races throughout the years. Not sure if you have room for an extra Christmas tree, but you could certainly turn the medals into ornaments!

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