Does your neighborhood have an association?

happycthulhuAugust 6, 2008

Our historic district is trying to revive the Association.

We are trying to save our historic firehouse from being shut down and consolidated with a firehouse about 3 miles from our neighborhood.

That's just one thing that they want to work on.

Keeping McMansions out and making our township wet again are a couple of other things.

We haven't had a meeting yet, but we just had a meet and greet last night and it was great.

Lot's of people and good food.

I even got to slide down the fire pole. WEEEEEEEEE!!!!! :P

If you have an association, what kinds of things do you work on for the sake of the neighborhood.

Do you have a set of rules? (if so, could you provide some examples for me?)

Have you been successful?

Any internal conflicts?

I want to help make this something good, not just another do nothing follow the rules group.

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At the very local level there are many Block Clubs in our area, and there's a larger Historic Preservation group and also the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ). My husband is the current president of our particular Block Club. It involves an area about 9 blocks square, and tends to focus on safety, crime, restoration and beautification issues with a lot of socializing mixed in. We are a non-profit organization. The website DH created for it actually includes a lot of information about the larger area.

The HPOZ includes an area about 3 times the size of the block club, and focuses exclusively on individual building's restorations/remodelings. Here's its part of the general city website:

The local Historic Preservation group, the West Adams Heritage Association, is a much bigger organization, with hundreds of members. It's been active since its founding 25 years ago in saving many historic buildings, creating a network of people who live here, it has a great newsletter, it pressures the city when necessary, etc. It also is a non profit. It hosts large tours 3 times a year. I was on the Board of Directors for about 6 years. (My husband also created this website.)

All 3 groups have by laws and rules, but aren't dehumanized by them. And sure, there have been internal conflicts, some pretty messy. You can't have any group of humans without some conflict! But our need for what these groups accomplish is great enough to be able to overcome just about anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: Block Club

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