Frustrated with closet remodeling ideas

bossyvossySeptember 1, 2014

My closet is not a mess but I now have the time to do some thorough cleaning and thinning out. I'm thinking about painting as it has never been done since construction and white paint has yellowed over time.

So, I go to Houzz et al for ideas and I've entered the " unreal world". The staging seems so out of touch with how regular people live.

Who else has been put out by the closets with 100% designer shoes (meaning no worn tennis shoes, foam flip flops) and EXACTLY 12 white shirts hung precisely 1/2" from each other????

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Me! Me! I check out Houzz too, but I have to do a reality check sometimes to make sure what works for the "unreal world" will actually work in my world. I don't know why they have to make everything look so unreal. It just sets people up for disappointment when the finished product doesn't look the same as the photo. Kind of like ordering that fantastic picture on the menu, only to be sorely disappointed and left wanting. I'd gladly volunteer my house for any HOUZZ makeovers they want to the "real world".

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Don't loose all hope.

Bringing some cohesiveness to my closet helped a lot. Most of my hangers are white. Though the clothes don't "match" it does bring a uniformity to the area.

Items that can look messy and I don't use often, I put in boxes.

The system works beautifully for us. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loving My Newly Organized Closet

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I like what you did. Presently scouring CL for two tall sweater chest of drawers. have not started refreshing just yet. thanks for your input

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