Recent Wolf 30" and 36" ranges - problems/like?

cardsfan1February 7, 2013

We are thinking of getting a wolf 30" or 36" range. Would like to save money so thinking about the all- gas model but not sure. Reliability and lack of bothersome surprises are also very important to us. We would like to hear from those who own or owned these ranges, purchased within the last year or two only, whether you have had any major problems, whether it has been reliable, whether you would recommend it. We read some postings about mysteriously hot panels an hour after turning off the oven, and difficult to clean tops. Curious if these are still problems and whether they exist on the all gas as well as the DF models. We are also wondering if the small burner in the middle has actually (not in theory) caused burning/hotspots. We love the look so if it is reliable, we will get (yes we are aware of the limitations of sealed burners and are aware that there are other ranges with higher btu burners). Also, if any clear preference between the all gas and DF. . . Thanks!

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We got a Wolf 30" gas cooktop which we installed in August. It's been great. My DH loves wok cooking on the big burner. It's easy to clean.

We have had no issues but it isn't even a year yet so not a long time.

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We also have a 36" cooktop, not a range. We did have a problem with one of the burners within a few months of installing it, but the Wolf repair guy came right out and fixed it under the warranty. We love it. In fact, it was the one part of our kitchen remodel that really had my DH drooling, LOL.

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I've had the soon-to-be-discontinued open burner, all gas 30" for a week and a half, so too soon to know about problems or long range reliability. I bought now because I prefer a more open burner pattern.

I roasted a turkey and made gravy the other night and held the gravy on the super teeny middle burner without any problems with burning or scorching or a hot spot.

The door is definitely warm in places (particularly behind the handle area), but I had been purposely running my hand over the door wanting to see if it was really hot (I too had read about the same problems you are mentioning, and my husband thought I was nuts to do this). It certainly doesn't stay hot for an hour though.

We replaced an old dual fuel Jennair with much less power than this one, and our kitchen definitely seems warmer now than before because of the venting of the Wolf's non self-cleaning oven (we had self-clean and electric oven before). But, we also don't have any ventilation hooked up yet.

So far the top has cleaned up quite easily. The turkey had spattered as it roasted, and my husband wiped out the inside of the range, including taking out the side rack supports so he just had a clean swipe to do. He said it wasn't too bad cleaning it up, but he can see how keeping on top of this is the way to operate so it won't get too bad. And, LOL, this is the first time in forty years of marriage he has ever cleaned an oven!

I'd try the appliances forum for more comments.

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