What's your favorite part of your new kitchen?

fishymomFebruary 24, 2014

We had to replace our 5 year old Electrolux dishwasher yesterday, which was definitely not part of the plan! It is just a few months out of the extended warranty and the motherboard is bad, again. We found a good deal on a Bosch 800 Series dishwasher which we installed yesterday, but it was an expense and delay I was not expecting. So, with things are not going exactly as planned, I need a little distraction!

My kitchen is not quite complete, but I am finding the little things to be the ones I think to myself, why didn't I do this years ago! Like the air switch for the garbage disposal, no more reaching to the corner to turn it on. So simple yet so darn practical! Another of my favorites is my microwave drawer, and to think I almost nixed it. We don't really use the microwave all that much and it was expensive, but what a great idea. I usually reheat leftovers for lunch and I am loving the microwave drawer. Also, the two tiered utensil drawer insert, love that thing!

So do tell, what is your favorite part(s) of your new kitchen?

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I love the panels on my fridge and dishwasher (both for the look, and the lack of fingerprints and other smudges), I love my induction cooktop, I love having a dishwasher that actually does what dishwasher is supposed to do, I love my white countertops, and, as with my last remodel, I love my condiments pull-out. I also love my microwave drawer (pretty expensive way to heat a cup of soup!).

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We are currently mid-remodel so I am only imagining but right now I am most looking forward to my undermount sink!!! No more cleaning around the edge with a toothpick and toothbrush!! My husband is most looking forward to the range hood...our current kitchen has had no ventilation since we moved in in 2000.

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Functional layout with prep space (yea!), drawers, the island for sitting, prep, and some meals.

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I LOVE my new granite & backsplash!! I look at them daily with love. I went from gross white laminate to beautiful granite. So in love!!

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I love my above cabinet lighting, having a counter depth fridge that doesn't impede in my walk way, and my wood hollow cutlery insert!!

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My favorite part of my new kitchen (6 months in) is whatever part I'm using at the moment! 70/30 undermount sink - fantastic. And my Grohe faucet is a dream!

Drawers, drawers, drawers! One of my goals was to eliminate counter clutter, and a knife drawer replaced 2 knife blocks. I used Lee Valley divider brackets to organize flatware and utensil drawers, and they are terrific.

Recycle/trash pullout - we were terrible about just piling recyclables on the counter until someone got around to hauling a load out to the garage. Now it goes immediately to the pullout bin, and we take the whole bin to the garage when full.

DH loves the pull-out cutting board, and wishes we'd put in another.

Pullouts over the fridge - we eat a lot of cereal, and it's so handy to have a place to store it when we stock up (it used to be on shelves in the basement).

Super Susan - specifically sized so my things fit (one has more height than the other). And Easy-reach uppers - so much better than diagonal caverns!

More space! My new cabinets are a foot taller than the old, with a much better layout. I added extra shelves to the uppers, to increase storage without stacking. My Mom moved to an apartment and is selling her house, and even though I've gotten several kitchen items from her, I found room for them, and still have room for more.

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I'm enjoying the improved functionality, additional prep space, and so much more storage than I had pre-reno. I have a few regrets about things that I did or didn't do, but I'm so grateful regardless to have a functional space to work in!

What I like the best is that everything is new and so easy to clean! When you inherit a kitchen that hasn't had a thing done to it since 1974, that thing is never going to be able to be cleaned up properly.

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Possibly my drawers but that decision was easy (thanks GW) so I would have to say my backsplash. It was the most difficult decision as it is so hard to visualize the end result.
I also love our walnut floors but they are still covered with cardboard & I've almost forgotten what they look like.

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We're mid-remodel also, so I don't know what will be my absolute favorite. But, I am starting to fill the cabinets that I can and I love that I have so much more space. And the drawers are fantastic. Our new oven is in and I've used it to reheat a few different things where I've used the convection feature and it's turned out really well. I also made some frozen Trader Joe's almond croissants using the convection feature and they turned out remarkably flaky.

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I like having the MW under the upper cabinet - there is a drawer under the MW, so that whole upper extends to the countertop. The MW is now at a convenient level for use - I'd always had the MW over the range, which was not a comfortable height and was also a safety risk.

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gladys1924, what a great idea! I have my microwave on the counter but maybe if it was under a cabinet with a drawer underneath it, I would like that also. I never had it over the range as I am too petite and would not be comfortable. I have not finished my kitchen but the new appliances I bought in 2009, I do love. I especially love having a range hood that really works in getting out spells and not having the fire alarm go off as well as the fact that the Zephyr range hood has the lighting buttons underneath that I can reach.

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No way I can pick one thing.

At the top of the list would have to be the LED lighting, so bright and clean! Best money that I spent. The way the big brushed nickel pulls have a soft glow, smooth feel and are easy on my arthritic fingers. The velvety painted finish on the frameless cabinets. Tripled counter space, quadrupled storage space, yet the overall kitchen looks bigger in the same footprint. Drawers! With soft close!Roll out trays in the pantry! Spice pullout! Bigger sink. Undersink trash, recycling and compost pails. Second window that brings natural light to the stove area. Microwave in the pantry.

That's, like, the whole kitchen!

Pick one thing? Can't do it.

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Drawers drawers and drawers. My everday dishes go right into 2 drawers right next to the DW. I love my double ovens. i don't know how I raised 4 children without them. But most of all I love my serpentine marble green counters. I look at them and I can't believe I did it. (thanks to reassurance here at GW when I was questioning my choice.)

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Wow, sixtyohno, your marble (& kitchen) is absolutely stunning!

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My Bluestar range takes the prize, although it's followed closely by my soapstone counters, and single bowl silgranite sink! :)

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I love almost everything- but love seeing sixtyohnos's kitchen again

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It is really hard to choose, but I am guessing my favorite part is having taken down the wall separating a formal DR and the kitchen, and making a larger EIK with an island. no amount of organization or cabinetry layout can compares to having the extra, unobstructed space to work and hang out.

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as of right now - i am LOVING griddle on my blue star.
I also really like positive reveal on my sinksâ¦i think it looks so much better!

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Fishymom - will you please tell me more about your two tiered utensil insert? Do you have a picture of it you can post? I am trying to plan my drawer layout and would love to hear more about it.

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Ditto on the microwave drawer and air switch for the garbage disposal.

Too many! Counter depth refrigerator next to the counter depth freezer, dishwasher door at waist level when open, 13" deep drawers, 33" single sink, 6" deep cabinet for spices, oils, vinegars, (I can find everything!) 9" deep cabinet for cookbooks and containers of beans, pastas, and rice. Drawer glides that allow my drawers to pull all the way out. I have a few drawers that don't have those glides, and I wish I had used them everywhere. Separate drawer on the island for baking ingredients. (My husband still asks me where I keep the cinnamon. He thinks cooking spices and baking spices should go together! LOL)

My favorites are having a full size freezer in the kitchen, using my warming drawer every night, and my longest run of cabinets go to the ceiling. (No dusting up there!)


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Sixtyohno, I LOVE your Serpentine counters, your kitchen is gorgeous!

Isixpacku, here is a picture of my Kraftmaid two tier utensil insert. I keep our everyday silverware in the top tier and less often used stuff in the bottom. I love having everything in organized in one place!

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Oh boy, I just got the call, my new favorite thing in my new kitchen will be here on Thursday!!! It is a Kitchenaid 4 door fridge, which replaces a black Whirlpool side by side. I had the same Whirlpool in Stainless Steel in our old house, had it for 10 years and the only issue we ever had was a broken plastic clip on the water dispenser that my husband was able to fix. But in this house, the fridge is up against a wall and I cannot get the fridge side door fully open. It makes cleaning the bins and getting anything large in the fridge quite interesting. This is the last appliance for my new kitchen to come in, very excited to have a delivery date!

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Fishymom- thanks for posting a picture. It looks very useful and I will keep it in mind while planning my cabinets. We got a new refrigerator similar to yours six months ago and I love it!

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Isixpacku, you are welcome! After having a wide silverware drawer that felt overwhelming to me, I am enjoying the simpler, organized drawer. And good to hear you love your fridge, I can't wait to actually have a fully functional fridge!

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In order of things I wouldn't want to live without now that I have them:

Vintage cast iron double drainboard sink.

Walk in Pantry (with window)

28 cubic feet of pure French door refrigeration (and freezeration I guess).

Open shelves

Pull down faucet (life changing when you've never had one)


Painted cabinets and Hardware get an honorable mention (bc it's the little things)

I really like alot of other things as well....but you have to cut the list somewhere

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Hmmm...my list is endless, but what I really like that surprised me are my sink grids. I have a double low divide and absolutely love the the grids. It is the small things...

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Magsnj, I had an old cast iron double drain board sink in our house in PA and I loved it! The large metal sink cabinet was the only cabinet on that side of the wall, separated from the fridge by a door to the back porch. It had two sets of drawers on each end and the sink in the center. I'm not sure exactly how wide it was but there was plenty of room to work as well as lots of storage space. At the time, 20 some years ago, I really didn't appreciate what a work of art it was, but oh what I would give to have that thing now!

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Mgoblue85, I debated on whether or not to get the grid for my Silgranit super single. I had one previously with a Blanco SS sink and did not particularly like it. But my new sink is deeper and I really like the grid with this one. And I agree, it is the little things!

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I posted this in the "neato" thread and I'll share it here as well.

My favorite thing in my new kitchen is my Miele Professional dishwasher. We entertain a lot. Not so much sit-down dinners; rather cocktail parties with many appetizers, tapas and the like. My partner and I love to make it all from scratch and the dishwasher's ProSpeed cycle lets us clean up as we go. A light scrape, load, start and 19 minutes later i'm unloading clean dishes and ready to load again. The best money I've ever spent!

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My favorite things in our new kitchen are the double stacked upper cabinets, our 36" DCS range, the beautiful Super White counters we just picked out and all the drawers in the lower cabinets.

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Xc60, I am so jealous of your drawer cabinets! I planned on 2 drawer bases, but had to sacrifice the smaller 24" one for the microwave drawer, although I do have a nice, big drawer beneath it. And having the microwave drawer was definitely worth the trade off, solved several problems and I love it. The only drawback to the microwave drawer is it is expensive. I do have a 30" 3 drawer base and I love it!

I really wish that my 33" base cabinet was a drawer base also and I am seriously considering ordering 2 drawers for the 15" base cabinet that is next to my range. I keep my smaller pots and pans in there and drawers would be so much nicer!

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