I am actually getting rid of fabric!

talley_sue_nycSeptember 27, 2005

hooray, hooray--I finally faced up to the reality that I am not going to sew anything. I can barely keep up w/ the mending (which is behind at the moment).

So, I decided to get rid of the fabric I bought years ago (well, not quite ALL of it; I decided I'm willing to keep about 4 small pieces and 2 large ones around still; but I'll be consolidating quite a bit).

I brought it in to work to put on the giveaway shelf; there are lots of crafty people here, and a couple of sewers. If nobody takes it, I think I'll throw it out.

I have a HUGE chunk of space freed up in my deep & high closet area, so I moved a few things around there, too. I'm so happy!

I learned a lot about clutter, w/ this fabric. I kept it for years because I *wanted* to be a sewer. Heck, I still want to. I liked sewing, I like planning garments. But I don't have time now. And I won't for several years. And when I do, well, then I'll go looking for what I can find. And in the meantime, I'll have storage space I can use more wisely.

I think that "wishful definition" of oneself is something to evaluate. And to either fulfill, or relinquish.

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Oh Talley! That is a big step. It's so hard to part with "dreams" of creativity. I purchase four or five quilt kits made by Daisy Kingdom nearly 10 years ago. Each makes a quilt called "Sew Cozy" and you could buy five or six additional fabric designs to complement the adorable quilt panel. So of course, I did. Now I have yards and yards of this material sitting in a rubbermaid tote, plus notions. *Sigh* I don't think I'll ever be a sewer, just a pack rat. Wahhh!

Anyway, thanks for inspiring the rest of us with your progress. Well done!

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GOOD FOR YOU! I did this a couple of years ago (same reason, a wanna-be sewer with no time to sew) and never regretted it. If/when the time comes, I'll have a joyous shopping trip to choose new fabric!

If your co-workers won't take it, any school with a sewing class would probably love to have it. I've also seen fabric pieces hanging at the Salvation Army.


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Talley Sue, I think that's great. I am going to use that term "wanna be" when going thru some of my stuff. Considering some of the things I've been moving from house to house for years in the hopes of getting to it, it's time to say if I haven't done it by now, it never will be done.

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well, it went before lunch! A lady on the housekeeping staff grabbed a bunch of it as I was putting it out. And other folks to pieces here and there--even the 1-yard segments.

I live in NYC and work near the garment /. fabric district. I figure I'll be able to find some really neat stuff on 39th street once I actually try to go there.

I haven't had time to pull out the remaining basket (it has interfacing, and scraps, and maybe some other fabric) to try to consolidate. Mostly because the tub I want to use currently has other "giveaway" stuff in it.

i swear, sometimes I think I should just toss this stuff so it doesn't sit around in my home WAITING to go to some donation spot.

I may bring in some of the other stuff and put it on the giveaway shelf here at work, too.

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That giveaway shelf at work sounds like the perfect solution, and I'll bet the housekeeping staff was happy, too.

I know what you mean about the WAITING for stuff to go. Finally, this Sunday, I can clear the boxes out of the garage that are being donated to a charity garage sale.

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the worst part is that the stuff "waiting" is sitting in my dining room!

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Although I can't say how it is at charitable organizations at this point due to hurricane collections, I do know that our area Catholic Charities refuses to accept clothing (except for infant clothing) from time to time due to an oversupply. I've also seen Salvation Army just giving away clothing in by stacking it piles like small mountains in front of the store, with signs that say it's free. As a result, I almost never give away clothing anymore. Our clothing is usually so old (after being worn by either three boys or four girls) that I just toss it out. Same with lots of other stuff. It simply isn't worth my time and energy to pack it, store it, and deliver it to a charity. I recently boxed up lots of books, well over a hundred, and sold those at Half Price Boooks, but I only got $30. I paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars for those books! Now we only buy really special new books. I'm trying to plan for Christmas, and how I want my children to really dejunk (like half of their possessions!) before anything new comes into the house. And I have a gerbil that I want to give away too.

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I tend only to give away clothing to specific people, and lately I try to find out if they're interested, or let them look through and pick. And I *only* give away clothing that's new or very nearly so (like the beautiful Easter dress what was worn 3x). And I don't give away stuff like T-shirts; only if it's particularly nice and mildly unusual.

For books, we're fortunate to have a used bookstore in the city (here in NYC, books have a lively market; people actually buy them) whose proceeds go to charity.

BUT...my husband wants to donate some war games that he thinks are "broken"--they don't play very well bcs something's weird w/t he rules. I could NOT get him to agree to throw them out.

I mean, if a book or a game like this is so *crummy* you don't want it, why do you want anyone ELSE to own it? I have actually throw books in the garbage if I didn't think they had any redeeming value.

Maybe I should post a list of everything that's on my DR floor, and take votes about whether to donate or toss. (and hey, people can ask for 'em, LOL!)

Stuff like a older set of hot rollers, never used. BUT...older (maybe 1989?) and not in the box, which will make people think they were used. AND, do people use them anymore?

Kids' 100-piece puzzles--opened, and all there (thought will people worry they're missing a piece?)

I think DH and I will have a little talk about whether to toss this stuff.

Here is a link that might be useful: Used Book Cafe, Housing Works

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I also had sold tons of books at HalfPrice Books and hardly got any money for them. Considering I had to box them up and lug them all over there, I felt as though they were only paying me for my time.

When we had lived in Portland, OR, I had sold books at Powell's. They paid so much better than HalfPrice Books. In the future, I would check out different bookstores before selling books again.

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Keep going Talley. Stuff like the hot rollers? Yes, donate if they still work. Full puzzles. yes, yes. I buy puzzles to use the pieces for crafts for my kids.
Doesn't matter if they are all there or not. Needed curlers one year for a Halloween costume. I can see someone buying the rollers to paint and create some fun garden art.

You have to stop thinking that people buy the stuff for the original purpose. They don't. I'm always looking for wool skirts that someone put in the wash and shrunk. I make braided wool rugs and those skirts are perfect.

If clothing is really too worn out, I always cut the buttons off. A jar of buttons is great stuff for crafts. Then I cut the clothing up and use it for rags. Much better than throwing it out and then grabbing a paper towel. We keep a stash in the garge for things like wiping up oil and other things where I won't want to wash the rag. Just throw it away then.

To me, books are consumables. I buy them at the thrift store, read and re-donate. Our library takes donations and then has a huge sale twice a year.

I'm a long time quilter and I do some sewing (but more of a wanna be with that one). I got rid of my fabric stash several years ago. I think this fabric hoarding is awful. I've been a quilt appraiser for several years and am amazed at how much money people spend for stuff to just sit on the selves for years.

Let's live our lives, not store them. I know you are in the city, so it's different than me just putting a bag in the van for the next time I'm out, but just fill a grocery bag every day and drop it off. Don't wait for a big load to go.


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Unfort, I can't just fill a grocery bag each day and drop it off--the places to drop it aren't open when I'm traveling, and they're WAY out of my way.

It's funny to me sometimes how *limiting* NYC can be. Esp. to those of us who LIVE here.

It's a special trip for us--minimum an hour, what with the task of finding parking at both ends. Ah, well. I'll get it out somehow.

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Tally Sue, I have been lurking for a while. Every so often I pop up in the forum. It's been so hard for me to get rid of my fabric. After reading this post over and over again I decided to part with my my mother's old fabric. I will never use any of it for any project because it is so special to me. I said good by to it and that spread to letting go of her clothes. Yes, I have carried her clothes from place to place since 1986. I decided to auction everything off because the fabric is vintage and in excellent condition. I just couldn't throw it all in a donation box near the highway. Thank You for starting this thread, it help me finish. Maggie

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I kept it for years because I *wanted* to be a sewer. Heck, I still want to. I liked sewing, I like planning garments. But I don't have time now. And I won't for several years. And when I do, well, then I'll go looking for what I can find.

Oh, boy, did I need to hear this! I was an avid sewer when my kids were little. I ferreted out fabric bargains and bought in large quantity. I was sure I'd use it all "someday." But my youngest child will turn 27 this month!! Of course at some point I decided I'd need it to sew for the grandchildren. But my granddaughter is 14, and I haven't heard about any upcoming grandbabies. So this stuff really needs to go.

I even have some stored in the barn. When I get around to that area, I'll probably discover that it's covered with mold. Won't that be fun!

Thanks, TS!!


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Maggie, Congratulations on letting go!

There is one drawer in my sewing cabinet with fabric in it... but it's not on the priority list this month. Or next month. LOL

I still need to sew a football banner (for next season, not this season!) and I should look in there and see if I have anything appropriate for part of it.

Susan, maybe you should hope for mold in the barn storage rather than an infestation of mice? We had that once in the garage and it was dreadful. I refuse to store anything out there that in any way resembles nesting supplies. I HATE MICE!

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