Bosch 800 induction owners - please help...(cross-post)

ljg0419February 28, 2013

(Cross-posting from Appliances forum)
We just installed a Bosch 800 induction unit and within a day, the hob selector buttons were basically inoperable. The unit powers on, but it's nearly impossible to get a burner to actually engage. I am asking Bosch to replace the unit, but wondered for those that have this model, is it difficult to select the burners (in other words, do you have to press really hard)? The repair guy that came to inspect the unit was saying he didn't understand why they put "pressure pads" on the glass since glass isn't flexible. I've read nothing but great things about this unit, but he has me a little concerned. Please tell me he's wrong and you love your unit. :)


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I have the 300 model,not the 800, where all of the controls are on glass, not metal. They are not pressure pads - they are tough controls and a light touch should be all that is necessary. He is wrong.

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I have the 800 series and love it. I had to learn the touch controls though, they are a simple touch, no pressure required.I hope they resovle your issues, it's a wonderful cooktop!

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