stipping paint from Batchelder fireplace

robin6217August 5, 2010

Hi,does anyone have a batchelder fireplace or have you seen a design like this? I'm confused because parts of the face of the firplace aren't tile it appears to be just grey concrete like stuff. Was this meant to be painted?

Please help!


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I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to your question, but I am DEEPLY envious of your fireplace! It's beautiful!

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Thank you! Anyone here with a batchelder fireplace?

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I wouldn't change a thing. It's stunning.

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I suggest posting your question and pictures to the forums at oldhouseweb dot com. I think you'll get more response.

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That's not an unusual treatment for art tile. It allowed for use of the art tile, but was also cost-effective by having the "field" be concrete/stucco. Originally, the concrete/stucco may have been tinted. But, yes, you can paint it. Usually a creamy off-white or beige.

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If I were you, I would enjoy the tiles placed in the stucco as they are. I'd repaint my walls to better go with the tiles or the stucco, though.

I love Batchelder fireplaces, had one long ago as a kid, don't have one now, but knowing that the Tile Restoration Center in Seattle could recreate me one one day gives me hope for the future.

You have great architectural B. tiles in that fireplace. They do not show very well against mustard colored walls in my opinion, but your tastes are what matter in your home!

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