Sticky on bottom-- sliding closet doors

soozAugust 17, 2012

The closet doors in one bedroom are wooden and substantial (not flimsy) and they slide on a track at the bottom and at the top.

About 15 years ago, we may have used either candle wax or soap on the runners to make things go smoother --we didn't know what we were doing.

Now there is an issue that the tenant says is our fault because the candle wax built up ( how?) and became sticky and now the closet doors cannot be slid open and closed.

Is this true? Is this what happens after 15 years? We have NOT put anything in the tracks on top or runners (not sure if I have the terms correct) on the bottom since 15 years ago.

My first fix (because they've worked without a problem for the past 15 years with the same tenant) is that we remove the closet doors so there won't be an issue with being able to open the doors, and we would replace the doors with a tension rod that has fabric on it, covering the closet opening.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help!



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The track at the bottom is like a"long" parallel railroad track, screwed into the floor, but you can see the hardwood flooring between the "rails" of the track.

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Are there wheels on the top rail?

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I can't really recall right now.

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Many places for that system to go sticky

1 - Check the door alignment and the top suspension. Slamming them open and closed can make them derail. Or something may have lodged in the path of the wheels.

2 - Clean the lower track with a stiff brush and mineral spirits, then spray some TEFLON lubricant onto a cloth ans swab the tracks.

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