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shirleyinadirondacksSeptember 26, 2006

Well, I finally have figured out how to get rid of some extra furniture, too good to toss and not enough room to keep. Just have a grandson or grandchild, move into their own apartment with little to no furniture.

We have a lovely desk, regular old-fashioned writing desk,and a couple chairs and a coffee table, that a friend made, good and sturdy.

We downed sized a few years ago and just have had too much stuff. chairs in case we had a bunch of people show up. (we used to but the kids are grown and we use phones more than going to houses)

DGS and his roomie have both gone back to college. they're only working part time and need stuff. i'm just hoping that they'll like the chairs, my DH doesn't. they are wing back chairs and I love them but we use the recliners and the rockers.

they'll be here Sunday to take the furniture. I've gotten the desk cleaned out and the chairs are ready.

My sister had taken one of the coffee tables but wasn't real happy with it. She's donated it to Jordan and absolutely loves the other table. Two birds with one stone.

Guess i should stop gloating and get on iwth it. But it seems so nice to have more room to walk.


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My SIL has a similar situation. Both her kids moved out, son 22 and dtr 21. Both kids took many pieces of furniture when they moved out,one even took a large piece of linoleum to cover her apartment floor. SIL now has a nearly-empty home and is buying new furniture for her living room.

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Folks w/o college-age kids can keep an ear open to hear about other folks who do. I always advise people who are just starting out that they should mention around--at work, at church, at clubs, etc.--that they got their first place, and boy could they use some hand-me-down furniture.

I was given a dresser (still have it), a little end table, a single bed, another dresser (still have that), a table (passed it on to someone else, who's forwarded it as well).

sometimes being able to give them "free to a good home" makes it easier to part with those things. Easier even than selling them for money.

Too bad I don't live near you; I'd come cadge one of those wing chairs.

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i only live about four or five hours north of you. come ahead before sunday. That's when Jordan decimates my house


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Go over to the Decorating forum and read the thread about hand-me-down furniture. Be sure you're not one of "those" grandmas. College kids are often very hard on furniture. Be clear in your mind that you don't ever want it back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gifted furniture thread

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My DIL likes my taste, so whenever I replace something, I offer it to her first.

I close my eyes when the g'kids trash it - once I give it up, I give it up completely, and I make it clear to her that whatever she wants to do with it is fine with me.

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gee, Shirley--what am I doing Saturday? Oh, wait--my friend is coming from out of town. And I think my DH would balk at a 10-hour drive. Rats! ;-)

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Maybe someday I can unload some stuff on my grandkids... oh, wait, I guess I would have to have kids first. Otoh, furniture goes very quickly on freecycle. I think you can find local lists for most places on freecycle.org.

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There are so many ways to dispose of unwanted furniture~freecycle, craigslist, Habitat for Humanity(not all take furniture), Sal. Army, Goodwill, and certain areas have their own small outlets.

A couple of weeks ago I was making the rounds of thrift stores, and noticed there was a lady getting ready to open her own, small shop. I told her I was cleaning out my garage, closets, etc, and some things I needed to donate , SOMEWHERE. I asked if she would like to take them, and she gave me a very fast YES! We were both happy! ;o)


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We have almost no upholstered furniture left. During our remodeling, we gave it away to the workers. Mention you wanted to give away that couch, and bingo its gone. I included double bed sheets, etc. with the double bed to a happy guy and his wife. Found freecycle too, one is in the next town. Plan to use it when we move back into the house. I don't have to take stuff from them do I? I noticed they said that you have to offer something before you can take anything --I hope its not vice versa also.

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You don't have to take anything, marge. Just post the "offer." One think which helps is to go no-mail. That way you only get responses to your offers and don't have to wade through tons of emails. The best way I've found to really get stuff picked up is to collect all of the responses for 24 hours and then choose. If you grab the first person who responds, they may not be serious.


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I'm feeling a little blue. DGS has a full sized couch from his mother and the end pieces from a sectional from his cousin's mother-in-law. I've tried to convince my DD that she wants the chairs but she just evades the issue very nicely, just like her father does. she's a empty-nester this year, so she doesn't mind getting rid of stuff.

Susan, believe me, I know how rough KIDS are on furniture. I figure if I give something away, it's not mind anymore.

We live way out in the 'boonies'. We can't put stuff out 'side the road cause the road ends in our driveway. We have a reuse center but they're loaded. i'll just have to spread the word and figure someplace to store it.


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