Forced to do final purging

mitchdesjSeptember 8, 2008

Our home has been for sale the last year, I was purging on and off, more off than on, I thought I was in pretty good shape, clutter wise. House sold last week, and they want a fast closing, we are out of here in 7 days.

goodness me, talk about purging and making decisions, feels like a gun is to my head.

organizing things to give away is time consuming, I wish I would have done more previously.

advice to all of you, do it now, do it soon; pretend you are moving in 7 days.

trust me , it lights a fire under you, lol !!!!!!!!!!

I am moving from big to smaller, so of course that's hard although it helps eliminate more stuff that is useless.

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Oh, my! Good luck! Take lots of breaks. Pace yourself. Let us know how it goes.


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Yikes!!! 7 days, wow better you then me. LOL!!! You may want to look into freecycle to get rid of the things you want to give away. Are you packing up the house also?

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Oh my! That is quite a chore in a very short amount of time. I wish you luck! Maybe that's what I should be thinking of downsizing as I'm redoing rooms in our home. I'm so tired of what I've begun to think of cluttered decor. I want my decor to be as easy to deal with as our drawers, closets and other essencials. Thanks for the idea mitchdesj.

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If I only had 7 days, I think I'd spend one of them throwing things away, and the other 6 just putting things in boxes.

And, freecycle will take too long.

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You could just put good stuff outside with a FREE sign, instead of agonizing over putting it in the trash - it should go fast.

Best of luck!


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actually, I did put some of the better trash on top of the bags, unwrapped, I'll see this morning if anyone took it.

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ok, so I managed to get the house emptied ( and super clean) for the new owners by sunday's deadline; now I have to continue purging at my new place as I empty the boxes that were delivered but at least I don't have a strict deadline.

At least 30% of what I have here will have to be donated, repacked, etc...
It feels like a cycle I can't seem to break, will it ever end ?

I will hire the movers to come back next monday and unpack whatever I won't have gotten to this week ; I don't care if every surface of the condo has stuff on it, I'm getting tired of seeing moving boxes.

I am also losing my perspective and want to throw out everything, even christening outfits, etc... There's a garbage chute in this building , and it's steps away from my door, so it's mighty tempting to throw a lot down there.

thanks for letting me vent !!

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Thanks for the update!

Just remember what FlyLady says. "Your home did not get messy in one day, and it won't get clean in one day, either." It takes work. A little bit each day. And it takes a fundamental change in your simplest of habits. Every tiny thing you do gets you closer to your goal. All the tiny things you do will add up quickly to a clean, pleasant home.

You'll get through it. Now that you are aware of the way the clutter sucks out your very life, you are better off than before. And you are motivated to change. Good luck!


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Great job, you did it. Do you have a room or empty space to work from? That would probably be easier. Do you have any help unpacking? I know what you mean about getting on a roll and wanting to get rid of everything. I do that when I don't know where to put what.

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