How to stop my stepstool from banging on the cupboard door??

treacleSeptember 25, 2012

Hi there - we have a nifty little hook gadget that lets us hang our step stool on the back of a cupboard door. Only problem is, every time we open the door, the stool bangs against it making a din. I thought maybe I could use spring clips screwed onto the door to catch the legs but they are rectangular (about 32mm across) so the round clips dont work - any suggestions??!!

thanks so much :-)

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My suggestion would be to put something on the door that would cushion the step stool legs and protect both the door and the legs.

Maybe some heavy felt? or thick cardboard? or thin foam of some sort? You could just thumbtack it to the door.

Or you could pad the legs of the step stool, if that didn't interfere with using it.

This wouldn't stop the step stool from moving around a bit, but it would eliminate the noise and any possible damage.

Putting the step stool on a hook? Simple and easy. Putting the step stool on a hook, aligning the legs exactly with clamps, then fitting the legs into the clamps? More fuss than I would want to go through, just to put a stool away. I know I'm a bit messy and have problems putting things away, so I work hard at making it as easy as possible to put things back where they belong.

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I hung measuring cups on the inside of the baking stuff door. Same problem! A friend visiting taped a piece of bubble wrap on the door and 'fixed' it. That has been about 7 years ago.

I would wrap the bottom of the leg in bubble wrap, but not far enough down that it covered the part that rests on the floor. Or, attach a piece of padding to velcro, and velcro it onto the door where the leg hits it.


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I like the stick-on velcro idea, but with a twist--put a small piece of Velcro on the back of the cabinet door, and the matching piece on the legs of the stepstool.

Then the stepstool won't move, so there won't BE any banging. (the movement alone would be annoying to me!)

But when it's time to take the stepstool off, you can do so easily.

You don't need a big piece--only about an inch square. And I'd put the loop side on the stool itself, and the hook side on the cabinet door.

No fiddling--just hang it, and the Velcro will come together naturally.

The stick-on Velcro won't do any permanent damage to the cabinet door; if you were really worried, you could stick the Velcro to a strip of Command adhesive, and use THAT to stick it to the cabinet door.

And now that I've brought this up, I'm going to try it with the broom that hangs on the inside of my closet door.

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THanks everyone, I think stick on velcro is the way to to get some now :-)

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Along those lines, if the Velcro comes off, you could try attaching a magnet to the cupboard and a corresponding one to the stool leg using Gorilla glue or something similar. It would work kinda like those door stoppers with the magnets built in.

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The velcro strips are perfect for this. Just cut the length you need , put screw thru it ,mounting it to the door.Its at any hardware store.One side is the grab the other is the teeth.I used it for the all the cords in the house .

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