Spacing linen closet shelves? Need help quickly.

sue36September 18, 2008

The carpenter is coming Thursday morning to do my linen closet. It's about 38x38 (interior dimensions) with a regular swing (outward) door. The ceilings are 8'3". I was thinking of doing 2 24" shelves (the two lowest, to hold folded comforters) and then doing 4 16" shelves. I will use to remainder of the closet depth to somehow hang the vac hose on the right side wall.

I measured a few of the Rubbermaid containers I have (the large ones) and they seem to max out at 18" tall, so I was thinking of having the bottom shelf at 19" off the floor so I can slide a container under there. Then a 16" space to the next 24" shelf, then 14" (above the second 24" shelf), then 10" spaces for the remainder. That leaves about 15 1/2" from the top shelf to the ceiling (space for out of season shoes in shoe boxes or clear sweater bags).

We have a closet in each bathroom, so the closet won't be used to store bath towels. It will hold sheets, blankets, comforters, comforter covers, table linens and beach towels.

What do you think? Any comments are appeciated. Thanks.

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I like that you've measured the containers, and will space the shelves accordingly.

Too bad the carpenter won't make the shelves adjustable! (and of course, he's there now, so you can't ask him about the wisdom of installing a set of those adjustable-shelf strips like they put in bookcases.

That's what I want in my closets!

38" deep is really hard--square closets fit nicely on the floor plans, but they are really awkward sizes, aren't they!

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It's done! Well, the cleats are in and the shelves are made, now I have to fill the nail holes and paint it all. The carpenter is my very talented BIL. I'll have to post a picture of the shelf system he did in my mudroom. I don't think those standards would work in this situation. The MDF is heavy and prone to bowing, it needs a lot of support. There are cleats on the back and sides and a piece of decoration trim is nailed to the front to help prevent bowing.

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