Pre made straight stairs 24 years old/carpeting/urine

jones60August 3, 2009

I have two sets of stairs and a landing. Stairs are 6 then landing then 6 or so more. My cat has peed on the carpeting which was a continuation of carpeting for the upstairs. But that was pulled up.. I need to pull the stair carpeting up and put something there on a temporary basis. Actually the stairs underneath look pretty nice. Can I stain them a waterbase color just to seal it and tack on a cheap runner. Is staining okay to do for now then If I get wood floors installed someday the stairs would be done to. So looking for a cheap fix for now after a pull the smelly carpeting up!

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If the stairs were previously varnished under the carpet, maybe you can just clean the smell off with a strong detergent. If unfinished, I think a sealer is needed to cover the absorbed smells. Shellac is really great a sealing odors, and is more easily removed than varnish or poly, or stain for that matter. You may want to paint the verticals (risers) and stain the treads, that's a classic look, then add the runner.

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Sounds good, What sheen of white paint should I use?

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Sheen; match whatever the other trim in the vicinity is wearing. Semi-gloss is the standard.

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Just a thought what about DURA seal water based stain Can that be used?? If hardwood floor stair treads were to be installed at a later date. I doubt it would make a difference what I use. I'm putting this I assume on Pine, or whatever they made prefab stairs in 23 years ago? Thanks

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