over the sink shelf

mrsgymSeptember 7, 2008

I am looking for an over the sink shelf that is at least 10" high. I've looked online and haven't seen anything. I need the 10" for faucet clearance. I plan to put my basil plants on the shelf. I hope you can help me, winter is coming soon and basil has to come in. Thank you

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This one is 9" high, but you could raise it by placing 1" blocks beneath it. The majority of sink shelves I saw online were 9" and the single, 10" one on the Amazon website was rather industrial-looking and out of stock / unavailable (http://www.amazon.com/Jobar-International-Over-the-Sink-Shelf/dp/B00024JSNE).

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: over-sink shelf

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I don't suppose your hubby is handy? Mine is building me one - it's finally (after 3 years - he does good work, but he's a perfectionist, and a procrastinator too) almost finished, but when I actually do get to take possession, it will be the perfect height/width for my sink, which is longer than any shelf I could find out there (there's no space between the sink and window, so I couldn't buy anything with center supports).

In any case, it's a very simple shelf he's making me - you could probably even make one yourself, if you're handy with a drill, can use a small saw, and like to paint/polyurathane. Think one narrow piece of wood for the shelf, two of the same on the sides, and then two for "feet". It could easily be put together with screws and an electric screwdriver (though my hubby had to buy a new drill, pocket screw jig, and a few other fun tools to do it). ;-) I think he's even putting half-round molding on the front for a decorative edge so things can't slide off.

Anyways, something to consider if you can't find one to fit. In hindsight, I would suggest not suggesting it to your husband though, unless he's handy and quick. Just do it yourself (which is what I should have done). :-)

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