I'm Back! and Organizing! Need Accountability

apoemSeptember 17, 2011

Hi all. It's been ages since I've been on here.

I was pretty smug in my organizing. ha ha. Mostly though- life just happened. Three kids now. We're heavely into Scouting of all types and homeschooling and so on and so on.

I still think I'm fairly organized. Unfortunately, just like before- those around me are not. My husband is one of those 'here for now guys' and my daughter is one of those 'free thinker type of kids' and my olddest son is a saver and so it goes. And all of that is fine, provided I can find things that I want to find, keep the house looking nice, and generally control my immediate surroundings.

However, the other day I cleaned house and it still didn't look 'neat'. you know? Piles! And now we have lost some things. If there is one thing I HATE it's losing things.

So now I'm back at it and totally going through the home one room, one drawer, one corner at a time. And my family is quivering in fear about what I might toss. (She says as she laughs like a maniac!)

So hold me accountable. I'm not so much concerned about tossing (except if it makes sense!) but I am on a quest to get back everything in it's place or find a place for everything.

So today:

- cleaned both bathrooms. Completely. Good thing too because I found a leak under one sink. Ick. But every cupboard, drawer, bucket whatever has been emptied, wiped out, put back or thrown away. Every area in those two rooms is clean including the walls!

- Cleaned under the kitchen sink.

- cleaned my only hall closet that is FULL of homeschool books, crafts, science supplies, etc etc. Pulled out Two BIG piles of stuff to take to the next homeschool group picnic!

Running total:

1 1/2 bags to goodwill! (just white 13 gallon ones!?)

1 huge big black garbag bag of garbage.

2 big piles to go to homeschool mothers!

Tomorrow is my boy's room. I hope. We also have robot lego league meeting all morning, popcorn sales for Scouts in the afternoon and something else going on too. I'm mostly hoping I'll find everything that is missing in there too!

Wish me luck. If you do'nt hear from me in a few days- either come into the boys' room after me and pull me out because I've probably pulled it all out and am sitting there trying to think 'now what?' or I've slacked.


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Welcome back, so good to "see" you again! And GOOD JOB so far. I do wish you luck, it's exciting isn't it?

Maria in Chios, Greece.

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Maria!I was hoping you were here! How are you?
Ok. I was afraid at whatever time pm it was I posted this that I'd wake up and not want to finish this monumental task because I simply have too many things. Instead I woke up early and did my kitchen drawers! Not much gone because I really don't have much. I haven't bought much since the last time I haunted this place! BUT I did organize them all nice and pretty and get rid of a few odds and ends! Broken pencils gone! yay.

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I recently re-organized my file cabinets (two of them). I pulled everything out, spread the papers on my dining room table, then proceeded to sort every single paper. A lot was trash, garbage, duplicates. I was going to throw in my regular garbage, but I'm afraid of identity thiees. So I put all the excess papers in my charcoal barbecue grill and lit them up. Now I have a lot of ash to mix in my compost file. And all my files are now organized. And I can find my car registrations easily!

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Yay you Jannie!

Today I'm working on my kitchen drawers! (Done).
I have also completely cleaned out my boy's closet, their toy chest and now I'm working on the rest of my mission.

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Alright. I'm not sure what to do at this point.
I'm looking for my neighbors key mostly. That is the main goal!

Of course it's not in the hall craft closet, but there was a good chance it was dropped in the bathrooms or in the utility room. I have completely cleaned those three areas (two bathrooms, one utility room). I have also completely cleaned my boy's room. I have pretty much personally touched everything, looked under everything, moved everything. And no key. No ipods.

I have also completely cleaned out my van. Looked under seats, cleaned out jocky boxes, put my hand between seat bottom and backs. You get the idea.

I have cleaned out kitchen drawers thinking the key might have been sitting on the counter and fell into the drawers. Nope!

So all those areas look nice as does under the kitchen sink. And now I"m wondering- What next?

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Wow Ginger!

I'm well, organizationally speaking at least, and very busy with work, home and church.

The kidlets have started school (youngest is in preK, 4 and 1/2 years old and oldest is in 1st grade, 6 years old) and they both love it.

DH has lost his job prior to our move here (we live in Chios island now, close to my family - we left Athens 2 years ago) and due to the difficult economic situation of the country hasn't been able to find a new job yet.

Ok, on the subject at hand now... you mention looking for the neighbors' key - I assume you do have a place for your keys that works ok, right? So, when you find it, it will go there and never get lost again...

Your progress is sooo inspiring, I want to go and organize something, anything! (I do have some small areas that need my attention, and a few things to give away)


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Like I mailed to one of you, I use a shreader all the time. Then either put it in a bag, in the garden or if you go camping or have a fire place it burns real fast--be careful it almost explodes in a fire place.

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We are too close to the city; outdoor fires are not allowed. Give away the BBQ grill because we never used it. (We eat mostly vegetarian.) Have to hope that shredding is enough.

I don't have Ginger's energy. After working all day, I just want to relax. But each weekend, I get more done, and the donate pile gets bigger. I can accept incremental progress :)

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Welcome Back Ginger! Long time no see. LOL Just kidding.
I know. I have renigged on my duties to keep you accountable. :(

And I still haven't done anything. Allergies. Stiff neck. I'll say what Colorcrazy says..... "I don't have Ginger's energy". Today would be a good day for me. My kid is gone. But I have to nap first. Sigh.

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I really need to work on cleaning this fall and winter.
Last winter, I donated to our library, a lot of cookbooks, magazines, and scanned what I wanted to keep, yet filed, and recipes organized. My husband says, I was creating a fire hazard. Now, my rubber stamping room is another issue. I really need to set small goals, even weekly.

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Ok. So i finally found the stupid key on the counter. Right where it should have been. My theory- Husband ended up with it in his pocket for some reason and didn't want to admit it after I tore the house apart so he just stuck it behind some stuff on the counter (Stuff that wasn't there until the day I found it!)

You guys make it sound like I'm swooping around in my cape with my organizing wand. It's not like htat. It took me a few days to do it all.

Today Emmaline and I have torn down her desk and we are working on her room. That is a two day job. The piano teacher came over and looked at the front room and kept saying 'all of that was in your room?'... "this all came from your room"? ha ha ha.

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