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apoemSeptember 28, 2005

Ok. So here is the deal. I have started to slack a bit this summer. Nicer weather, we are outside swimming and playing.

Now I'm getting ready to hole up for the winter or at least be inside more often. I'm looking at my house and getting cluasterphobic. So... we are strating to do some things. My dad is helping me so they will get done (unlike this ghost addition I've been whining about for years now).

SO here is the plan. I'm going through stuff. Recently I have gotten rid of a truck load of stuff. Now I'm working on truck load two. I'm reapairing things that re broken and building new bookshelves etc.

I'm feeling inspired. So now husband is away until Friday evening. I have a few days to toss and trash and get rid of until he gets home. (Yup. Ethics adn opinions aside, I'm getting rid of behind his back!!)

So I cam home today on the plane and have done my bathroom and bedroom drawers and cabinets. That resulted in three large garbage bags of old catalogs and magazines to the garbage can and four bags of stuff for goodwill.

Wish me luck. Help me stay strong and get going on this. I won't be able to do the whole house so I'm hitting the hot spots of 'stuff' my husband saves. Catalogs, magazines, books etd. Push me along.

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Good luck! I finally did this last year when DH was away - with his desk ( a big no-no, but I REALLY wanted to know what was on the bottom. Half the time it is an envelope addressed to me, so I figured I had a right to see if anything of mine was under there.) So I just started in and made piles. Got rid of anything dated, or anything I knew would just be trash, and actually labeled the piles that were left. When he got back I went through the piles by category when he'd be sitting around - "this looks like trash, can I throw it out?", "All these old price lists, can I get rid of them?"... very innocently, and only a pile or 2 at a time. I think we only kept a few of the old papers and got rid of a mountain. The next time he was away, I did the same with his papers next to his bed. I got rid of a bunch, then labeled the rest and put them in a box to go through later with him. It's still sitting there. Guess he probably doesn't need any of that (it's been a year!) - I think I know what I'll do today ;)

I think you will be glad you went through this stuff. If he's anything like my DH, he will say we can't get rid of anything "good", but will never know if you actually DO get rid of it. And he WILL notice that it looks nice. Not that it really clicked in his mind - he still piles things and won't get rid of stuff, but I'm bolder now, and it just works better if I do the getting rid of things. I think sometimes he just has a problem going through and making the decision to get rid of things, so if I do it, he never has to make the decision, and never misses the thing. If there's any question, I put it aside and ask.

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Good for you! Every couple of months I go through the DH's pile of stuff (he's staked out a segment of my kitchen counter for his mail, receipts, etc., and the mess drives me nuts!) and toss. He has a terrible habit of opening the mail and leaving everything right there -- I don't know if he wants/needs it or if it should go in the trash. I've learned to toss the catalogs, envelopes, advertisements and whatnot and sort and label the rest so he can go through it, and that's helped a lot.

Though I really hate it when he travels, that time is a great opportunity to tackle house projects. For some reason, I tend to get more done when he's not home *vbg*. Last time he was away I bought and painted two unfinished bookcases for the kitchen and bedroom and sorted and shelved books. He has a business trip coming up in late October, I'll have to think about what needs doing while he's gone.

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I think you're on the right track. You can tell, you're a "noticing" type of person, what he MUST keep and what absolutely can go.

We'll be watching every day to hear you crow about how much you've gotten done.

I know that when DH is sitting around having leisure time in the evening after the kids are in bed, it makes it hard for me to do anything. Partly I want to be with him. Partly I resent that he's "playing" while I'm "working."

So lately I've been trying to get him to help me, to keep me company, as I try to get our place ready to go on the market.

neat that you've got your dad to help! My dad is really good at that sort of helping--he's an industrious sort of guy (don't know why I didn't get those genes), and he can fix stuff. That "fixing stuff that's broken" and "building shelves" is a really great part of this--I'm jealous!

congrats, congrats, on all the stuff out of the house! Let us know how you do each day; we'll be eager to hear. And you'll inspire us to get our butts in gear, too.

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A MOST excellent plan! You have a goal, and you have a timeline. Sounds perfect to me. Please keep us updated!

Now that you mention it, I wonder if my latest de-clutter frenzy is also due to the impending "indoor" weather season.

P.S. I think SheriZ6 is married to MY husband!

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I didn't get rid of a lot.
That is good news or bad news depending on who you ask.
I took one broken speaker to my dad to fix. I took four bags to goodwill and one box of books - a big box. I took the kids to the zoo. (Oh wait! That is not organizing lol).
I spent a lot of time going through papers and trashing. I filled up our garbage can (which hardly ever happens) with bags and bags of catalogs, magazines, old papers etc. I managed to find places for other magazines and books and things in general look much neater.

I could probably have done more but I don't feel too bad about the time I spent.


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Good job, Ginger! If you didn't find much to get rid of, that must mean that you're keeping up with the decluttering on a regular basis.

My DH was away for several days a few weeks ago. I had big plans for getting lots done while he was away. He had to be at the airport early on a Sat. morn. Instead of taking advantage of that & going home & getting started early, what did I do? Went shopping. I didn't even buy anything except a few necessities for the house. I just wasted a lot of time. It was basically the same the rest of the time he was gone - I couldn't get motivated.

Talley Sue, what you said about your DH really struck a chord with me. I've found that if I don't get anything done before he gets home, chances are slim that I'll do it. I feel exactly like you - part of me wants to spend time with him, even if the house is a wreck. If I try to do any housework, part of me resents that fact that he's relaxing & I'm not. Then there's the guilt - I feel guilty watching tv with him if the house needs work. If I work on the house, I feel guilty for resenting him for relaxing. After all, we both work full time (lately, he's been working 60-80 hrs/week). He does help out in the evenings. He frequently cooks dinner & cleans the kitchen, which is a lot. He'll also fold laundry, etc.

He's gone to work now. If I can get rid of this sinus headache, I'm going to try to get some things accomplished today.


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Four bags, one box, a full garbage can, and a trip to the zoo sounds like GOOD progress!! Imagine all that clutter together in one space... that's a LOT out of the house!

The one who is throwing away tiny stuff and it's taking FOREVER....

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I took the kids to the zoo. (Oh wait! That is not organizing lol).

It is if you leave them there!

Congrats--even SOME magazines, etc., in the garbage is a good start.

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