Green granite counter, what color sink?

joellen01February 3, 2013

I am doing a secondary kitchenette/bar area with a tack room(think horse barn) /pub look. Galley plan, 8 ft counter run on either side. KraftMaid cherry cabinets in Honey Spice. Bourbon-whiskey colored pine floors, same pine used for 19'' counter on one side over vanity base 18'' depth cabinets with open shelves and micro-hood above (30'' wide, fits 12'' depth cabinets even though it sticks out a bit at front, but still better fit than regular microwave just put on a shelf up there); other side to have full depth bases with green granite counter, bar sink (with disposal) and DW w/ paneled front. Upper cabinets on that side have mullioned glass doors on one side of sink, solid doors on other side. Polished brass fixtures and knobs. Am trying to figure out sink color. Frieze above upper cabinets on granite side will be various sizes/types of horse shoes, most will be iron but some aluminum so those metals will be in the gray/silver family. Thanks for any ideas on sink or anything else except cabinets - this is still a paper kitchen except I put the cabinets on order already.

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Hve you got a name or image link for your granite?

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my first thought is copper....but dark silgranite would be good, too.

i am trying to design the office and tackroom in my barn!!


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Have you seen the kitchen Mick De Giulio did in a stable? House Beautiful did a spread on it. I cannot link, but you could do a search for it and it will show up. Are you thinking of a metal sink, or are all possibilities open at this point?

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Thanks Kitchendetective, should have put that in at the beginning. I don't own the slab yet but hoping to get a strong clear green, like "tropical green" or "Brazilian green." Just found out that Pantone Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald Green - so for once maybe I am on the cutting edge!!
springroz - I love designing tack rooms, they are such a warm mix of daily function and personal memories. I have never seen a real tack room sink that was not SS, but in the house I can stray from absolute functionality and let the visuals lead a bit more. Am thinking of putting some old bits up on that frieze too, and found an equestrian-themed molding at that they can make into a light rail so I am going to use that below the cabinets.

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took a look at the stable kichen in HB - he did two sinks, one german silver, one waxed soapstone, both integrated with same material countertops. Fixtures are in the "silver" metal families. I ordered a regualar sink base, 21'', though I could go back and change that possibly. going wider would mean getting an 18'' DW, which is why I did the narrower sink base, with the idea of getting a prep sink. Never been particularly attracted to farmhouse sinks, never actually seen one on a farm :-) but maybe I am too literal. would definitely have to change the base size to accomodate one. and unfortunately, never really liked copper and the colors it patinizes to, and having trouble visualizing it with the polished brass fixtures. so open to lots of things but also just don't like some things, if that is not too contradictory. thanks for jumping in and helping!

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How about brass?

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thanks both - I think what I am going to do is choose the exact piece of granite, look at sinks next to it, and probably go with either the Silgranite or with brass if I can make sure the faucets will actualy match the brass, and if I can get undermount - think having a top mount might be just a bit too much brass. Love GW - always good to have a few more "eyes."

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Yes to picking your granite first. If you're not sure on silgranit colors, you can email or call Blanco and they'll send you a little sample chip of any of their colors. That helped me a lot early on.

I would think that either the cafe brown, a very yummy dark brown, or the metallic gray, a beautiful silver, would work.

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I'm doing Verde Dark marble w/a copper sink on the island, it'll match my Moss Green BS range and hood. I've also got a copper clean up sink in my soapstone perimeter. Green's my new blue :) (blue has always been my fav color)

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thanks to everyone! I have ordered the silgranite samples, called the stone yard about granite, and will go pick out a piece soon. Started looking at faucets, evidently I am way out of synch with the popularity (waning or waxing) of polished brass - everything looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab. Still think the finish is totally is right for the stable look! will keep looking to try to find something that is not so filled with pipes and joints

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Would you be interested in a sink fabricated from your countertop stone?

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thanks kitchendetective! hmmm - sink fabricated from same stone as the counter - had not thought of that at all. I want a pretty dramatic green for the counters - could I get a sink made from the same slab? the counter will only take about half a slab. Would a good granite counter company be able to do that? Since the backsplash will eventually be a painted mural of horses in rolling pastures, white fences, trees, barns, etc, having one less design element in the foreground might be very nice - and the counter is supposed to be visually just a continuation of the pasture.

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