Tapmaster and guests

gwloloFebruary 12, 2013

For those of you with Tapmasters - how do you explain to guests? Especially elderly guests. Is it hard for grandparents? Is the euro model easier for newbies to operate than the older tap models? DH is wondering if we need to have one sink which is Tapmaster free.

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It may be easier just to turn the tapmaster off if you don't think the guests will "get" it. Then you will be the ones looking silly trying to turn it on with your feet while they are having no problem! :)

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Fori is not pleased

You just set the TM to "ON" and don't explain anything.

Recurring guests will figure it out...

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If I had it to do over, I would install the Euro model. I think it might be easier to work--not just for guests, but for me. I often have trouble getting it to turn off after I've had it on continuously, as to fill up a bowl or pot. Also, if you have one sink that has it and one that does not, then you're always going to be pushing on the toekick trying to get the sink to come on. :-) Install on all, and turn them off when guests are visiting.


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I am confused about the Euro model works. Looks like a big leve pointing down. Do you use the big toe or the side of the feet to turn it? Do you turn to the right or left? Do you have to turn it 90 degrees?

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Bumping up to see if Breezy or one of the members who have the Euro model can comment. I have the kickplate model that I purchased eons ago when I started the remodel but it seems to be really chunky and the euro model seems to specifically say that it is better for bare feet.

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I have an answer but can't stand looking at GW with the new format, font, and colors. I already have a headache from my new cold and feel crummy. The forum is making it worst. I'll try to email you later.

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Fori is not pleased

I had the clunky model and always have bare feet. The only time it didn't work was when there was a crayon under it. I would not be concerned about using the clunky model without shoes.

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I have the Euro. You kick/tap the lever from side to side to operate. I have a little bit of difficulty in getting it kicked into the permanent ON position when I am in bare feet but no difficulty at all in turning it on or off (i.e. when you keep your foot with very slight pressure on the lever the water stays on but when you remove the foot it comes off). When in slippers, it is much easier to push into the permanent ON.
I like the tapmaster very much and no one who has come to my house has had a problem w/ the lever once explained. We don't have any child guests (nor children in house) nor any very elderly guests though.
I kick the bottom of every sink now and get puzzled when the sink does not turn on.

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We have the Euro model at both sinks for 3 or 4 years. Kids and most adults can handle the tapmaster. Kids usually get it the 1st time. Adults can take a little longer. We typically have 15+ new kids a month helping out in the kitchen plus 10+ adults/month in the kitchen. We entertain a lot, people staying with us all the time, and DD has friends cooking a few times a week.

We tried teaching our parents (>70) but they still have a problem with it. They understand the concept but don't seem to have the coordination to use it. We just set the tapmaster to "on" (pushed to either side all the way) and use the faucet normally when they are here. We usually just do the main sink in the on position and the prep sink keeps the tapmaster working. The really little guys (under 3) lie on their belly on the floor and push the lever back and forth.

We LOVE our tapmasters. My DH complained about the price but it's one of his favorite things in the kitchen. We have food allergies so when I make dinner I typically wash my hands 7+ times going between different food. It makes preparing dinner so much easier. We will add one to the master bath.

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