Room in a box--other suggestions?

Faux68February 24, 2014

My question: what do you think of room in a box? I read about it here, on GW, and checked into it. There aren't any reviews other than Gwyneth Paltrow's blog. But, if they do what they say they will do I think it is a great service.

My background: I really struggled with decorating the main floor. It has been a year and I am just finishing up. I live in a rural area and almost everything has to be done online. It is SO hard to buy something without seeing it in person.

In my area, there aren't ANY pure decorators. The only help I can get is to go to a home decor store and have them help me. They only use their merchandise and will work with what I have existing. When I tried doing that I felt like they wanted to just gather everything on their showroom floor and arrange it in my house. It just didn't sit well with me. But, they are very talented.

So, I find room in a box tempting. I also think it is expensive. But, because I don't have anything to compare it to, I guess I don't know what a interior decorator costs.

Do you have other suggestions?

On the main floor my struggle was finding what I wanted because I knew in my head what I wanted to do. The basement is an after thought and I just don't have any concrete ideas other than I want it to be very masculine with a little hints of glam thrown in.

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Another option is to post a photo of a room here and ask for suggestions.

But as for the home decor store, it seems to me that they are doing what you would want them to: work with your things and select other things from their showroom that would work in your house. What about that didn't sit well with you?

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What didn't set well was that I was pretty specific about some of the things I wanted to see. I showed them an inspiration photo and told them that I liked the circles, pops of black, and wanted art of city landscapes. I was surprised that they had everything ready to go within a couple of days.

I walked every inch of their showroom and there wasn't anything I felt I had to have. I asked to see what they had in mind before the "install". They showed me very nice things but nothing was what I saw in my minds eye and was items I passed just days prior. None of the patterns were circles, there wasn't any black, and the art was the right color for the room but looked like I could paint it myself (something I specifically asked to avoid). So, I felt that I would have a well decorated room but nothing reflected what I wanted in the space.

I am not as fussy in the basement and I am tempted to ask them to do it but I still have apprehension.

When I told them my concerns they told me that I could return anything that I don't like. They explained that once I saw everything together and how it all worked together that I would love it, even though I didn't like the individual elements. I think that is valid. At the same time, I have a theory that I should never buy anything that I don't love. So, it just didn't sit well with me.

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Maybe you're a 'candidate' for Decorating Den. I've never used the service , but do know it's been around for years. They come to your home bringing all the samples, but as for furniture, I don't know how that works. Here's. a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I can understand your frustration. I don't have a lot of resources close by and shopping online seems risky since you can't see it in person. Have you found any inspiration photos - a picture can be helpful in getting across your vision.

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Patty Cakes: I called Decorating Den and there isn't anyone in my area. The closest is 2 hours away and the person I talked to didn't think they would come that far. I don't blame them. I liked the rooms that they did on their website. I am disappointed.

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joaniepoanie me at may have some information for you.

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Joanie, I have sent you an email. Hopefully, you got it. I am excited to see what you have come up with. I remember a lot time ago we both were posting about designers and how difficult it is getting help.

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Faux....just answered you....

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There are a few bloggers out there who do e designs. A few phone calls and pictures of your space, your decor style and a design (with sources) is sent to you. I believe the cost is a flat fee.

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I've looked at room in a box out of curiosity and think that--- for what you get, their fees are high. Jmo, and my guy is now $250 per hour, so I know it isn't cheap, but you are paying a full design fee for a small room for just the initial presentation, not the full service. However, I don't like Windsor Smith's work on a good day for a top dollar, high end client, so Im probably the wrong person to opine on their mail order business.

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Came across this article in BHG re: online interior decorating services

Here is a link that might be useful: A Guide to Online Design Services

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I am in contact with someone that Joanie put me in touch with and I am waiting to hear back. Thank you so much Joanie! I am pretty excited. I think she is a perfect match for me.

Rather: I hope I am able to work with Joanie's suggested designer but if it doesn't work out, will you help me find them?

KSWL, I agree. I am not familiar with Windsor but I wasn't a huge fan of the rooms on her website. I was still open minded because the website says they design around the customers taste. I was pretty disappointed that they charge for a full room regardless of what is needed. I have some spaces within a room that I would like help with. Or, I would like help the backsplash that I mentioned in another thread. I don't want to pay their full room price for the little things I have left in these spaces and they don't offer that kind of help.

Arapaho, thank you for the link!

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Boo. The designer I emailed can't help me right now.

Any other suggestions?

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There are so many talented people here .. can you show some photos of what you like or are thinking about?

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Thank you, arapaho. I have gotten so much help here. I worry that I will become annoying--like a fly on a hot day by the time I finish.

I think the issue right now is that I haven't decided on a direction. I am looking through Houzz trying to figure out the colors and look that I want.

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