Tv Show Tonight - Hoarders

des_arc_ya_yaAugust 31, 2009

Hope nobody considers this a "spoiler" type post as there's no winner or loser to name!

I think Tara needs a good anti-depressant! Never saw anybody cry when she's happy or sad as much as that poor woman! Betty? Now she's really a hard-core case. It's apparent that her children have gotten to the point where it's totally unacceptable to them (the whole attitude and the way their mother lives) She kept saying that she didn't think that she was a hoarder and all the time she's going through the trash that had been swept across the floor and was picking out giblets of paper out of it.

Her son is really bitter and the two daughters that they showed that were trying to help are clearly hurting, too. She talks big about how if they choose to not come back - that's their decision, etc. Then when her DD told her that she was choosing her family over trying to help her mother change she kept swallowing and seemed to be fighting back tears.

Tara? Now she might have a chance. She seemed so thrilled with her little cleaned up area.

Just terribly troubled people - all the way around.

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Just terribly troubled people - all the way around. That screams volumes.

If you enjoy watching this as entertainment, power to you. Forgive me, but I for one, don't understand what's uplifting or empowering about it. I'm more than a little despondent that the Organizing forum is focusing so much on ''hoarding'' these days. People with mental illness is depressing to me, and not where I choose to focus my attention; probably because there's enough mental illness that challenges me in my own family. I've always thought the forums were best utilized for supporting each other; I struggle with dramas that play out like this when there seems little hope of true reform, and won't ever choose to watch. Truly...Less is MORE.

I apologize if this is something you really want to ''discuss''. It seems like a total bummer to me.

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I'm sorry if I offended you in any way, Claire. We had an insightful (and what I thought was interesting) conversation about the show last week. There were several posters participating, so I thought it was a subject that is appropriate for this forum.

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Forgive me please. I didn't participate in the other conversation and probably should have ignored this one.

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Hey, it's quite alright, trust me. Besides, nobody's talkin' on this one - but us! LOL

((Claire de luna))

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I like the show, makes ya wanna get up and clean.

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I missed it last night. I'll try to catch the rerun.

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I don't watch this for 'entertainment'. In my twenties, I was such a slob, I very easily could have ended up like the people on this show. My MIL is approaching this lifestyle, and there is nothing I can do about it at this point. I watch this show because it helps me understand why hoarding behaviors exist, and by recognizing the symptoms, have empathy for those affected.

When Betty denies she is a hoarder, but instead is a saver of things, it reminds me of my MIL, who would also never admit there is an issue, and refuse any intervention. When I see someone like Tara, I want to go to her house and help her all I can. I find my reaction to the two types interesting.

As far as the question of hoarding being appropriate for this forum....I cannot imagine a more suitable place for discussion. After all, isn't that the most extreme form of not being organized?


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Ya ya,
I have got to set my DVR, as I missed this week. I agree that this is an absolutely appropriate topic for "organizing the home".
The reactions of family is this situation sound so very much like dealing with an alcoholic - one just has to determine how "sucked in" they can become and at some point, may have to decide that they can't participate any more - just as the daughter did.

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I watch regularly too, although I don't consider it "entertainment" in the happy sense, I regard it as movivation! Sometimes it's easy to think things are good enough around the house, but each time I watch the show I think, no, I can do better! I don't want lazy habits to become ingrained. It ALWAYS scares me that some of their mindsets are similar to my own! And it gets me off my duff and acting.

Phrase that needs to be banished from people attempting to be more organized, "But this is perfectly good..."

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