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Plow_InAugust 16, 2006

Do you use a tote with all your cleaning supplies in it, for carrying around with you. Or do you find it easier to have supplies on both floors?

And what are your favorite cleaners that you use (not counting maid service)? I have a tote (actually a garden tote with lots of pockets) with nothing in it but window cleaner and a dustrag. As a result, I'm constantly wandering back to the laundry room or upstairs to find the item I'm looking for. And if you tell me to have supplies on both floors, you'll aso tell me to give the tote away, won't you!

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I'd have supplies on both floors and use the tote for one of them. I'd stock it with some microfiber cloths, some orange glo (or wood cleaner) and any other thing you use for cleaning. (Maybe toilet cleaner/brush? Carpet cleaner for spot treating?) I use mostly microfiber these days (one wet/one dry) for everything from windows to dusting and would probably keep a lot of those handy.

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Our house has five levels, with three full floors. I keep windex and paper towels on a shelf in the entry since we have those mirror closet doors (dumb thing with four kids, but they do reflect light.) I keep Windex and Simple Green on each of the other floors, with a supply of cleaning rags. I have found that I can use microfiber cloths with just plain water on most things I previously used a cleaning agent. Those things are great!! They have turned out to be the perfect thing to clean my laminate flooring. I just put a damp one on my swiffer head and go.

I keep a small vacuum on each level. My swiffer stays on the main level as well as the other mop. Mine has a chenille cover and I really am going to buy two more for the other floors with bathrooms.

I don't use anything else. I did do the cleaning tote at one time, then realized just like everything else in the house, close proximity to where it is needed means it actually gets used. I just keep a supply of the microfiber and cleaning rags in the laundry room, kitchen and in the top bathroom. Handy for all areas.

I kept my tote. It's a good caddy for tapes and things needed in the garage. I'm thinking about getting another one since my youngest child grabbed it to keep his cars together. I want one for my garden supplies.

Maid service? LOL Did that every week for a year. I spend less time now doing Flylady's system than I did just trying to get the crud picked up before the service came. Nice thing too, our house is always clean now. With the service, it was only clean for 20 minutes after they were here. Wish I had that $5,000 back!


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I love Quiltglo's ideas--she's really organized. I agree with keeping stuff at the point of use, but I do use a tote for storage. I got a book called "Speed Cleaning" which is unfortunately packed away until the castle is complete and we can move backin. But their theory is that you don't need 57 varieties of sprays, powders and creams. They use apparently Windex in one bottle and Simple Green in the other. They use a sponge with a rough side, and cloths. I have used that system myself and they are right, as Gloria pointed out--even plain water works great.
Who is flylady?

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I unfortunately keep a separate set of cleaning stuff on each floor. I'd like to get one of those totes with a handle but haven't been able to find them anywhere. I may get one of those rubbermaid pouches that wraps around a brute trash can and use that since there is a good deal of trash hauling up and down anyway.

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I keep a toilet brush in a holder next to every toilet. It saves me lots of running back and forth with a gross drippy wet brush.

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Click on this link to learn about the great Flylady.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flylady

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Thank you, posters! I lost this thread, and thought it hadn't been posted, but just found it. Thanks for all your suggestions. Never tried the microfibers before, but just got one hanging on our front doorknob today as a freebie. Good timing!

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I have a rolling cart on each floor and in it I keep basics: "green" cleaning supplies, scrapers, dusters, sponges and the most important tool of all --- a cleaning apron with tons of pockets. That way I have all my tools and products on me as I room around the room.

In every bathroom I have a toilet brush, toilet cleaner and bleach and cascade for cleaning the whirlpools.

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