Got rid of soooooo much stuff to Boy Scouts garage sale!

mommabirdAugust 14, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day - the H-U-G-E garage sale my sons' boy scouts troop puts on every summer. We started setting up at 2:00 last Sunday and have worked every day since.

My goal was: every time I drove down to the church to sort & set up, take a FULL van load of my own clutter. I did it! 8 trips - 8 vanloads GONE.

It's only stratched the surface but I can tell a big difference in the garage & the 2 younger sons' room. (Oldest son is pretty neat & not a clutterbug).

2 old bikes out of the garage, about 10 old lawn chairs out of the garage, 2 shelving units, 2 sets of unused skiis & poles, a big box of outgrown soccer cleats, dozens of bags of outgrown kids clothes, a HUGE box of shoes from all of us, box of purses, tons of my own clothes. It feels SO GOOD to get all that out of my house!

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Terrific effort for a wonderful, worthwhile organization. Thank you.

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Wonderful, the best part is whatever doesn't sell, the Boy Scouts will get rid of it or donate it, it's never coming back to you! I donated a bunch of stuff to my daughters'
school when they held a giant White Elephant sale. Thw most embarassing item was an electric breast punp from my breast feeding days. Wht did I keep that around so long?

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Sounds like you did a good thing - both for yourself and for the Boy Scout troop. Congratulations!

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I'm so happy for you! Ride the wave of excitement, and continue to declutter a bit every day..

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Yay, mommabird!

That's a lot of space reclaimed in your home.

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