Fonda's NM Ranch

violetwestFebruary 20, 2014

I am drooling. OMG--the colors!

I would sooo love to paint my house these beautiful soft pinks and blushes instead of the crappy unwanted yellowy cream my builder supplied.

I wonder what colors they are -- probably some custom thing? But oh -- the living room! the bedroom. Now that's a bedroom!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ranch

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I don't think the sofa arms are fat enough.

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Adequate lighting is an issue with any paints that have a peachy or tan undertone as they look dingy in inferior lighting but "sparkle" in great light.

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Patricia, exactly the issue with my BM White Sand in my living room. In certain light, it's beautiful, but most of the time it's that drab peachy belch. I wish I'd chosen another color. I'd repaint, but that room is particularly difficult to paint.

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I like it. I think the New Mexico light is probably perfect for these peach tones.

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well, I am in New Mexico and the colors would look good in my house.

Although -- my house is fairly dark inside (a blessing during much of the year) and I keep the light fairly dim at night.

So -- should I look for slightly deeper tones that these under those circumstances?

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Limewash paint.

You'd never get the subtly of those colors with simply contemporary paint.

Here is a link that might be useful: Porter's Limewash Paints

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Love it!

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beautiful stuff, Beverly, thank you. Not sure if that would be a newbie DIY project, though, or that it would work on my textured walls.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

too funny tibbrix! Very lovely room ( but I don't ever, ever, like taxidermy).

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I read a blog article somewhere (probably cote de Texas) and there was this apartment in France with that wall color.

Apparently it is really common in Paris apartments, and looks amazing in that light.

You might try to see if you can find out about that if you seriously are interested in the paint.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

I wish I could see more of the kitchen but I love the way the dining room is set up from the kitchen. I also love, love, love the colors in her brick floor. She has pictures of her garden on her blog and even a craft shack for her grandkids which is really quite wonderful.

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Oh my ... total envy. That's the ambiance I want in my house. Notice her bookcases don't match, and they are full of books that look read.

And the elk ... those of you who have problems with the East Coast white-tail deer have no idea what a garden pest is.

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Beautiful New Mexican home!
LOL , Tibbrix!
I was thinking the same thing, Tish, I'd love to see her kitchen.
LOVE the galleria with all those books that, as Lazygarden mentioned, look like someone actually reads them. The saddles slung over the railings are typical New Mexico. Everything looks very comfortable and un-staged, which is so refreshing.
I'm not crazy about decorating with Santo body parts, though (LOL). "Santos", for those unfamiliar, are statues of saints and angels made of wood, plaster, etc. I have quite a few myself here but I prefer the displaying whole ones, as opposed to just their heads, headless torsos or limbs.
Thanks for the link, Violet, I enjoyed seeing it!

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haha, body parts. I guess it goes with the deer head. Ms. Fonda gets props for shooting the deer herself.

I really do like the colors, and I like that not every room is painted the same color, but they all work together. It probably would be best if I went with a regular paint instead of trying a lime wash or other paint treatment, because I think that would not work with my textured walls.

I am going to go buy a copy of the AD and play around with paint swatches. I've always disliked the color the builder painted the house, so we'll see. I may start with one room.

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Love everything except the deer head. What a great idea to have a craft shack for the grandkids! I'm all for not getting glitter and glue everywhere.

good luck with your paint colors violet!

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Violet, I meant to add that my best friend has the entire interior of her custom NM home lime washed. It looks beautiful, but she is unable to touch up any of her walls now when they need it. Always pluses and minuses to everything!

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Often the head and hands is all that is left of a santo ... they were imported and the bodies were carved of local cottonwood or even stuffed doll bodies. It's like vintage dolls.

The limewash and clay colorings are lovely but not DIY products. I think a very pale pink or peach would get you the color of those walls. It's also getting influence from the strong rust of the brick floors, so test with painted foam boards to be sure.

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that's exactly what I plan to do, lazygardens . . . eventually, lol!

I bought the issue of AD -- the walls in the print photos seem much less pink in tone than they do online.

And BTW, I do NOT like the salmon-colored kitchen cabinets.

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Thanks for posting this house Violet - there is much I like about it. It seems welcoming and unpretentious even tho there are antiques. I like the dividing wall between the DR and kitchen. While I wouldn't have salmon colored kitchen cabinets in my house I think such colors are appropriate in the desert. Wish they had shown the kitchen and I looked online but couldn't see any pics of it. The galleria is wonderful - I could spend hours there reading!

The only thing I wouldn't want in my house is the elk head. While I have pesky deer here I don't want their heads on my wall!

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