how many of you use your shutters ?

old_house_j_i_mAugust 20, 2013

Does anyone have real, movable shutters on their home ? do you use them ? How much and for what ? rain ? sun ?

Did you use them and it was just too much work to maintain and now leave them hitched open ?

is it a romantic or practical kind of thing to you ?

or, did you have real movable shutters and ended up taking them down because they were just too much upkeep?

Let us all know !

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I have real shutters that are functional, but are now just decorative. Real wood and a real bit*# to maintain, but they look nice

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Same here. After the rehabing of the windows they're next. I figure they'll get their turn in a year or two, maybe three.... somebody put metal caps across the tops, this seems to have protected the wood some.

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Same here about usage. Current problem is that several have deteriorated and I have not been able to find shutters with the same dimenstions & construction.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Have you tried here?

Here is a link that might be useful: shutters

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my shutters are closed only for hurricanes.
one of my pet peeves are vinly shutters
that arent operable...and if closed wouldn't
cover the windows anyway!

in N.O. I had working wooden shutters for
windows & doors...loved them!
I'd like the same here...but with storm doors...
I'd have to build out the door frames.

best of luck!

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The previous owners installed expensive "working" wooden shutters. But, the windows have mid-century storms/screens on them, and the shutters aren't positioned to close over the storms -- they're positioned to operate if the windows were in their original state with no storms. I don't know what they were thinking. (Well, I know what they were thinking. They wanted an "authentic" look but didn't care about functionality. But, as for look, in some cases the windows are double so the shutters would only cover half the windows anyway.) So, we have moveable shutters which rattle in the wind, but which we can't actually use! (If they did work, we would in fact close them for hurricanes.)

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I tried all the on-line companies for shutters, but our current ones have much deeper rails than I've found on Timberlane or any other web site.

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Try here they do everything custom, make what ever you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: exterior

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I don't think our cottage (home) originally had them. We might put up wooden decorative ones at some point though. We looked at a few other cottages that DID originally have them and still do, and it was a feature I really liked although I doubt we would have used them too often. Typically here they were used to "closeup" the cottage for winter when it wasn't being used and since we live here year-round we wouldn't need that feature.

I do have a set and two mismatched shutters from a now demolished home in town that we salvaged and use as closet doors. They were in pretty rough shape and unfortunately missing the house portion of the hinges. I fixed them up (as best as I could, we still have one slat missing to reproduce at some later point) and we had to use cabinet hinges since I couldn't find matching "house side" parts for the ones they had. Interestingly, they have roman numerals carved on one side of each one-different numbers, but they don't really convert to years or the address of the home. I would LOVE to know what those are for!

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