Scrapbooking & card making stuff...sigh

mommabirdAugust 21, 2008

I started to get into the scrapbooking craze with my best friend. I'd bought some supplies but not a whole bunch. She died 3 years ago & I didn't touch it for all that time. Recently another friend has gotten me interested in making hand-made cards - she makes really beautiful ones. I am starting to use the scrapbooking stuff to make cards, but have no where to store it! It's in a "tote" right now sitting by my dresser.

It's in the way and I have to reach around it to get stuff out of my dresser. Does anyone have any creative ideas on how they store this stuff that doesn't involve buying a bunch of expensive plastic storage containers made for scrapbooking stuff? I don't want to spend much on it, and I'm not really planning to buy any more. I just want to be able to manage what I have now.


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I put some of my papers in a 12 x 12 box that came with one of the albums I purchased. I guess it would depend on what you need to store and how much. I also found a box that was about that size (12 x 12) and only about 8 inches thick that something came in the mail. Next time you go to the post office they have different size priority mail boxes and I think the larger size may work.

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Personally, I would give her the supplies and set up playdates to craft together!

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Staples sells flat-pack storage boxes that are simple white cardboard. They come three to a package, and I use them as project boxes because they are the right size for a bookshelf, clean looking and simple, relatively dirt cheap, and store flat when I am not using them. The sizes I find most useful are 10 X 12 X 4 deep, and 9-1/2 X 11-1/2 X 2-1/2 deep.
I pop them together, use clear package tape to hold them around the back, and then I put a piece of package tape on the front edge so that I can put a label on that, and peel it off cleanly to reuse the box for the next project. I probably have two dozen of them in my two work areas, they are fabulously neat and tidy, and I can take down only what I am working on at that moment.
And I bet they would be perfect for general storage of craft supplies by category, and also for individual projects as you go.
If you also use rolls of paper, or sheets of craft or handmade paper that can be rolled, one of those things that is made for gift wraps, and hangs on a coat hanger like a garment bag, might also work well for those things. Put up an inexpensive small curtain rod at the right height somewhere for ribbons, and you're set.

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Can you just find a space on a shelf or in a cabinet for that tote?

And restrict yourself to only buying supplies that fit in it?

Bcs honestly I would think that tote would be a good idea.

When you do scrapbooking, you can get all the stuff out at once; it's usually a "project time!" sort of thing, encapsulated. So encapsulating the stuff is smart, too.

And I'm sorry to hear of your loss; friends are something special. We're still mourning the woman we lost a couple of years ago.

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bronwynsmom - those boxes sound perfect! I'm going to look for them at Staples. I have bookshelf in the office - I could clear off a shelf for the boxes.

Talley Sue - the tote is always in the way. It takes up "floor space" and is too heavy and big to be on a shelf - it has wheels on the bottom. I have really grown to hate that tote & regret the $50 I spent on it.

crazykwilter - I have also thought of your idea, just giving it all to my friend and going over to her house when I want to use it :) I absolutely never do it alone - I only do it with her so that's probably a very good idea! I always intend to do it after the kids go to bed, but I'm so wiped out I usually just do the dishes and a load of laundry, lay out my clothes for the next day, make the next day's lunches, then go to bed myself.

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Crazykwilter - I talked to my friend today and jokingly mentioned her storing my stuff for me. She thought it was a great idea! I'm taking it all to her house this weekend. GREAT IDEA - THANKS!

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I'm glad that worked out for you! It gets the clutter out of your house, yet gives you quality time with a friend.


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Crazykwilter - I talked to my friend today and jokingly mentioned her storing my stuff for me. ...GREAT IDEA - THANKS!

Isn't it great to have a spare brain or two? I keep *my* spare brains on the Organizing Forum (less clutter, and I don't have to worry about whether they need refrigerating to prevent spoilage)

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I finally did it - I took it all to her today. I only kept a few special stamps and am working on giving up my attachment to them...when I do, they'll also go to her!

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