Clean Sweep Club

mommabirdAugust 2, 2013

My neighborhood has a Facebook page - it's a community forum where we share news & ideas. I posted this week to see if anyone is interested in forming a Clean Sweep club. So far, we have 15 people. We are going to rotate around to each other's house doing a room at a time. I'm first, since it was my idea. Next Sunday we're going to Clean Sweep my bedroom! I hope folks actually show up.

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Sounds like a great idea! You're brave. I don't think I could let people do that in my bedroom. It's where I hide things. I'd love for someone to tackle my kitchen.

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What a great idea! I used to be in a garden club. All the members were middle-age (or older) women. We rotated meetings among members homes and weeded each garden when we visited. After our work was done, we sat around chatting and the homeowner would make us a fancy lunch. Great fun. The group fell apart when one member died and a couple others got divorced

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It's a great idea, and I've thought of trying to organize something like this. But I'm afraid it would end up that some people would never show up for the work, but would take the help.

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Mommabird, that is a great idea! Did anyone show up? I like Jannie's idea of using it to garden, one yard at a time. Much more fun that doing it by yourself.

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