What color should I paint the exterior stucco of my house?

FritzlangAugust 10, 2014

The lower course of stucco on my family home has seen better days. Aside from cracks and chips there was some previous ill-considered repairs. I have decided to fill in the cracks and cover with Thorocoat. I would really love to get some opinions about what color looks best.


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Here is another photo....

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Go with the dark ones. Those decorator shows always say we don't go dark enough with our paint choices. I've also had success going a little darker than the mortar color.

If I had to choose from the ones presented, I'd pick the middle one on the top row.

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I would choose the darkest brown.

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I'm just a homeowner but I would also go with middle 1 on top row, it's darker now & I don't care for it, doesn't match as well as the middle top 1 which I think will give the house a warmer look, it blends in beautifully with the brick. Dark color makes the foundation area more "important looking" when brick should be the focal point.

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