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sautesmomAugust 7, 2010

I recently had someone want to open up my concrete front porch foundation-floor in my 1924 bungalow for plumbing issues, and I had them work it another way, because I love the look of my old concrete, and I have never seen any modern repairs have concrete that matches the old. (Older concrete has a smoother look, and also seems to have more stone in it? I don't know, to me it's just different)

Is there anyone here who has used or researched companies which can match older concrete?

Carla in Sac

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In my experience, it's usually not possible to patch concrete without it being obvious. There are some new products that contain epoxy materials for filling in cracks, and these can often be dyed for a very close match. But, if you are talking about filling in a hole in old or new concrete, it's going to be obvious unless you cover the whole thing with an opaque coating.

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Sorry if I wasn't clear--no, I did not mean a patch, I meant pouring a new porch that utilizes the same materials or methods so that it looks like old concrete. Just like finding someone who can make moulding to match existing moulding in a 100-year-old-house--is there anyone who makes concrete that looks like the original concrete?


Carla in Sac

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Yes, matching the look of old concrete can be done and it was done at our house 3 years ago when we have to have structural work done on our front porch in the Chicago area. I can't say definitely that the exact same materials were used as when our home was built in 1919, but the look of the concrete matches. I can take/post pictures later if you wish.

If you google 'matching historic concrete', you'll find lots of articles on the subject.

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