Can we talk about PDA's ?

brugloverZ9August 7, 2008

I took my PDA out after not using it for 3 years. I was able to do the syncronizing from my Outlook on my pc...but I cannot find the instructions and have completely forgotten how to transfer other information on to it. I would like to put some files from My Doc's and some photos on it. I know I had excel files on it and photos...but don't remember how it was done.

I would appreciate any help!


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With my PDA all I have to do is use explorer to move the files to the pda while it is connected to my computer. While it is connected, you should see the pda on the left hand of the explorer window like it is another drive.

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It sort of depends on what type of PDA you have, Margie. Can you let us know the make/model? Your files are going to move differently depending on whether the operating system is a Windows CE or Palm OS...

That would also help find the instructions, which you can probably download online. I bought my new pda "used", so it didn't come with the instruction manual, but I downloaded it from the Palm site so I still have the reference. That would probably help you most of all.

I was going to post this morning on a few programs you might like if you don't already have them - HandyShopper being one of the most important (free, robust list-maker program that I use for all my grocery, clothing, household goods - any kind of shopping lists, and some inventory as well). But you should probably figure out the whole connection thing first. If you let us know what your pda is, I'll see if I can't find the link to a manual online for you... :-)


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Thank you pda is a HP iPAQ pocket PC 2300 pro with outlook 2002. Actually I did try to find the manual on line, but have not been able to.

It does look like I can add to it from windows explorer, but right now I am still having trouble seeing where it went!

Also I do have the program VO Shopping List & the printed out instructions to it. So, I should at least be able to begin working with that program.

Thank you, Margie

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Just in case you didn't find these, here's a link to all the manuals HP has online for Pocket PC's (scroll down)...I would bet that even though yours isn't listed, one of these will still be helpful as a reference on how to use features and transfer files (I would imagine it would be similar on all pocket pc systems).

HP iPAQ Manuals

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Seems like I have spent several unsuccessful hours on this today and I am getting frustrated!
I downloaded the Handy Shopper and am trying to figure out how that works. The directions are not helping me that I have found on-line with it.
Jamie...any hints on how to get started with it?
Wondering if I should just forget it and put it away like it has been the last 3 years!
Maybe I am just a paper person!
I need encouragement from those of you who use them and love them!
Thank you, Margie

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I can totally understand getting frustrated, Margie. There's always snags when setting these up, though admittedly, I always had more troubles with the pocket pc's than I ever have with Palm (Pocket PC lovers will say the opposite, so it's kind of a moot point, I guess).

Have you figured out how to get files onto the PDA? Is it showing up in your list of drives, and can you browse to it?

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Thank you jamie...I need understanding! I just woke up and wanted to answer your post. The answer is no...I was going to say yes and no...but it is really no. That will be my mission to learn to transfer and then find what I put on the pda. I have to limit the time I work on it, to avoid frustration...I will let you know how I make out. I did go to the link you gave me and will see what I can learn about doing it there.

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I am just printing out some instructions on how to install a program...I think I will just take it slow and will let you know when I make some progress.

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Sounds good, Margie. I'm glad you found some instructions to print out. Take your time...once you figure it out, it will be like the proverbial lightbulb turned on (and super-exciting, too!). Good luck - I'll check in from time to time to see if you've made progress...

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jamie...seems like I can move some files to the pda through activeSync...but others say it cannot convert them. I don't know what that is about!? I guess I should be happy that I have made SOME progress! Of course I have spent hours at it again.
If I was wise I would quit for today and go outdoors and water or read...while the men are away! Maybe I will be smart and do just that.
Tomorrow is another day!

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Yep, sounds like a good place to quit, Margie. :-) It's probably file types that are screwing you up...most of the time, you need to copy documents/spreadsheets, etc to the pda some other way (copy to a memory card or such). I know my "hotsync" won't copy office documents...I have to use Documents to Go, or put them straight on a card to put in my PDA. That's probably what you're running into.

Anyways, have fun watering/reading (both?). :-) Tomorrow you can hit it with fresh eyes, so to speak.

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jamie...I stopped for a bit and then came back! It is true for me too, I need to put some of the files on the memory card and then they go on fine. Thank you for all your help.
Now I will really quit for the day!

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It's kind of addicting, even while it's terribly frustrating, isn't it? You're most what are you working on today, since you can finally move files and such? Calendar organization? List making? Anything fun?

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jamie...I am afraid the frustration is outweighing the fun for me. Yesterday when I tried to move files to the storage card, some of them would not even move to it. It said it couldn't convert them or something like that.
For my sanity right now I have to stop for awhile and start again later.
Thank you for your help.

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jamie...tried again and found using outlook for task, etc and syncronizing it with the pda works well for me & avoids the frustration. I think for now I will use that as a way of inputting info. to the pda.

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At least you can use it for calendar/scheduling and contacts, Margie (which I find is the most important pda function, for me - I'd have to carry a huge paper planner otherwise). I do most of my "input" on the desktop, and then sync to the pda - if outlook works well for you, that's great!

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful - unfortunately, it's been many years since I had a pocket pc type pda, so I'm extremely rusty on thier use now.

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I've tried using PDAs over the years and it seems all I manage to use one for successfully is keeping addresses/phone numbers and account numbers. I do better with paper files and calendars. It would be handy if I would use the PDA more completely, but I just don't gel with it. So for me it's just an expensive address book. Mine is a simple Palm.

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I cannot imagine life w/o my PDA. I've have seven different models over the past ~10 years, beginning with a ~$15 Casio that was basically a ramped up calculator. ;-) The next few were hand-me-downs from my husband. Then he went Treo (smartphone). I prefer to not get a smartphone for several reasons, but I've stayed with Palm. I've listed many things I use it for in the "address book" thread (before I saw this one). In addition, I use it as an Ebook reader (I have SEVERAL books on there as well as a Bible and a dictionary. In Ereader Pro, you can highlight a word & look it up, right on the PDA!) Not to mention, it's nice to be able to read in bed w/o turning on any lights that may disturb my husband! LOL!

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Margie, you were smart to stop. I would suggest that you just work within Outlook until you're very comfortable, and *then* try to add new programs and files, if you like. You can make a shopping list in "Notes" just fine, for example.

Too many people buy PDA's but stop using them before they're really comfortable with the basic functions - calendar, contacts, notes and tasks. Once these functions are second nature, which takes a few weeks or even a month or two, I can't imagine why anyone would go back to pen and paper.

I'm with you, Roxiel. My PDA is vital to my life. I use my PDA/phone as an ebook reader, too. People always think it would be hard to read on such a small device, but it isn't. And, as you say, it's great to be able to have a bunch of books with you at all times.

Good luck, Margie.

.. Joann

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