Are Pictures Now Auto-sized here...

chijimFebruary 19, 2013

since the GW MB was restyled?

If so, I really hate that you can't see details in the smaller pics any longer


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Seems so?

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I think they were already being auto-sized, a featured that was introduced at the same time that the camera icon was implemented. But now they are much smaller--maybe to conserve band width, or to make it more convenient for dial-up users. If I don't re-size pics before posting, it takes much longer for the upload (same as for photobucket).

I liked the larger pictures better, too, and even though 'control/+' is an option, some detail is lost. If one clicks on a pic, there is a larger view, or the image hosting site is accessed.

**On another thread, I noticed that I can use the edit feature to add another picture, but if I try to add yet another picture, the last one is then deleted. Any one else had this experience?

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This helps:

Right click on pic > then click on View Image to open,,,it's the same orig size.

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Or you can just click the photo and it will take you to the original. The problem is that it doesn't seem to work consistently with pre-changeover threads with photos in them.

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Seems that way when I've used it, and I'm sure they do to conserve resources. The function seems to be a little fluky.

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I think they always were when Spike was here, but then that changed, and now with "conservation," I suppose that rule could have returned.

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I understand why they would do it, but it makes it annoying to look at photos! I hate the change.

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I officially hate this change too. :( My pictures are all squishy and distorted looking.

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You think these are bad, boop, go take a look at some of the gardening forums. The distortions are hideous, simply hideous.

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Ditto what others said. I hate this change! Bothersome to try to click to enlarge.

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I've noticed if I put a picture from my photobucket here, I get the large size. If I upload from the computer, it's smaller. And it takes much longer.

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