Need Help with shoe storage!

swmboAugust 25, 2006

Hi, I'm new here, I have been a lurker for some time and have received quite a number of useful tips, I also enjoy the friendly and helpful spirit that is shown here, I wonder if you may be able to help me!

I need some ideas for storing DS shoes. At the moment they are all in a basket at the bottom of his wardrobe. I would like to improve on this as it does not look the best. He has about 6 pairs - he has quite a long available floor space at the base of his wardrobe - nothing else is kept there except a small backpack. He has 2 large sliding wardrobe doors, so I am unable to use a over the door shoe organizer.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated, and also if you would like more info, just let me know . Thanks :)

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My husband like the two level rack type shoe holders like the link below. It's just right for six pair of shoes. I prefer mine just to be lined up neatly on the closet floor. We also have sliders on our entry closets and a small rack will keep them within easy reach on just one side.


Here is a link that might be useful: small shoe rack

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Thanks Gloria, I have had thoughts of a shoe rack like you described. It is good to hear that your hubby likes that style.
Shoes are a bit of a problem in our home, we have tried hanging shoe (cloth) bags in wardrobes, boxes, storing them in an old 6 drawer dresser in the garage etc and I am running out of ideas, I did not know if there was another alternative that was working for some of you, I would love to hear them!
Thanks :)

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This might not work for your son, but it is about the neatest shoe storage solutions I've seen. It's pretty enough to go right by the front door.

But extremely functional!

This was made with Akurum cabinets from IKEA, originally posted on the IKEAFansite.

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Oops! I misposted there. Here's the shoe cabinet open. Thanks to emilymch on for these photos.

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