Speaking of moving!

cynandjonAugust 21, 2008

we will be moving into our DIY house hopefully in the spring. Does anyone have suggestions about organizing, packing and moving? I figured I would pack each room and mark the boxes, anything besides that?



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I had a friend that I helped move last year and she was so organized. She packed all the boxes and labeled the room and what was in the box. In her garage she put paper on the walls with kitchen, bedroom, etc. with enough space that everyone could put the boxes in there so the guys bringing in the furniture didn't have boxes in the way. She got her furniture how she wanted it and was unpacked within 2 days.

Are you moving local or long distance?

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cyn, buy as many Sharpie colored markers as you can and use a different color for each room or person if two share a room. We even had different colored Rubbermaid containers for each of us.
Make as detailed of discription as you have time for on each box. Better yet, if you have a wireless laptop take that with you when you pack each room. Number the boxes in large colored numbers according to who's items are in that box. Make sure to at least put a dot on each side of the box so no matter how they are looked at you'll know who they belong to. Use a Word (or other processor) page for each person and list what in each numbered box.
I hope this makes sense. I really should be in bed. Just saw this after I posted that I was going to bed and thought I'd write a bit.

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We moved at the end of April, from Indiana to Tennessee, where we're building a new house -- which wasn't finished when it was supposed to be. We moved from a fairly large house into an apartment. Things had to be packed to go either into a storage unit, or to be used in the apartment, or to be stored in the 3rd bedroom of the apartment (such as art work and things that might be ruined by heat or that will be needed in choosing paint or other things for the new house). So my packing got complicated!

I bought rolls of duct tape in different colors. Each color coordinates to a room in the new house. I put a piece on the top left corner of all sides and the top. If a box had anything fragile or breakable in it, I also put a strip of red duct tape. Very quick to mark, and very clear to the people carrying things into the storage unit, and equally clear when we finally move into the house -- I'll put a sign on each room with a piece of duct tape to indicate what boxes go there.

I tried to put detailed lists on each box -- I did pretty well for a while but bogged down near the end when everything that was left was either awkward to pack or didn't go with anything else. There are too many "MISC" boxes!! I'll pay for that later!!

I bought some boxes at Sam's (so I had some that I knew were really clean) and "borrowed" some from the recycling bins. When we built the last house, I filled those bins many times over, so I didn't feel too guilty!

I used dish towels to pack dishes and kitchen items, so they came out at the same time. Also, spread bath towels on the counters as you unpack . . . it's easy to drop things when you're tired and moving in unfamiliar directions.

Start saving bubble wrap and other "cushions" now -- ask friends to save it as well, but plan to purchase a couple cartons of it, also.

If you have kids, get an "OPEN ME FIRST" box or two for each one. Let the kids decorate these boxes, and keep them in the car, or put them on the truck last, to come off first. Let the kids pack the boxes. They should contain pjs, towel, washcloth, a few changes of clothes, pillow, bedding, any special things, a few favorite toys - and maybe at the last minute, secretly add a couple new toys, books, and/or snacks. These go to each child's room and they can unpack and hopefully feel ownership in their new space. New toys or art items might help keep them busy for a while. Make your own "Open first" box -- think of what will make life easier those first few hectic days. Start a list now so when the time comes you'll know what to pack in it . . . paper towels, TP, personal items, all kinds of soaps you use, extra light bulbs, a few basic tools, Advil, spray cleaner, dust cloths, etc.

Good luck! You're smart to be thinking of it ahead of time!!

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Thanks everyone for your input.

DD50 we are moving right down the road, within 2 min walking distance. Wish my garage was built, that wont happen for a while. That would be very convienant to store stuff until its unpacked.

Becky detailed labeling is a good idea. I plan to pack by room so hopefully the people helping me will stick to the program. LOL

Hostagrams, I like the colored duct tape idea! I will ask people to save me bubble wrap. I'm in a garden club so maybe I can get some bubble wrap donations from the members.
Our kids are all grown, so no worries about kids stuff.I moved twice with small children. Im so glad I dont have to go through that again.
I really like the open me first idea! I will definately be doing that.

I wish there was a way to avoid the misc boxes but I'm afraid its bound to happen.
Thanks all

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Look for a box dealer in your area that sells USED moving boxes or boxes at a discount. We found one for our current move here in TX and it's amazing how much you can save!! They will also buy your boxes (no matter where you got them) back from you for a small portion of the cost, but you're getting money back and you're recycling!

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Take your pillows, bed linens and a couple of towels in the car with you when you actually move. You'll at least be able to make up a bed and shower without having to unpack anything!

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thanks I'm not sure we have box dealers here but I'll check.

Patser good idea, bed stuff seperate and where we can find it. TY

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When I first moved into my house from the last apartment, I just used the sleeping bag for a couple days while I settled in. I was fine. Also packed a suitcase (after all, you're moving the clothes AND the suitcase, right? So why move it empty?) with a couple days worth of clothes, towels, washcloths, toiletry items, etc. Although my move went quite easy. I moved over a couple weeks time and unpacked while I was moving it in. Haul a carload and unpack, well most of it. I still have boxes unpacked! Yes, they need to be tossed. Simple foods for the oven. Frozen pizza, frozen lasagna, etc. Sandwiches and deli stuff. Toolkit handy and cleaning supplies in a tote handy.

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Hi Cynic
Last time we moved(which was 30 years ago) we moved the bureaus with all the clothes in them. we removed the drawers so the bureau wouldnt be to heavy. No sense putting clothing in boxes and leaving empty drawers right? LOL
Thats a great idea to throw some essential stuff we will need into something with easy access.

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