can I pile boxes on a piece of marble?

SusanCFAugust 19, 2011

A neighbor who is moving gave us a small round marble tabletop from her garden, which we plan to use after we remodel. My husband set the piece of marble on a shelf in the garage. Space is at a premium as we are storing everything we can in there, so would it be all right to pile boxes on top of the marble, or is it likely to crack if there is heavy weight on top of it? If I can't pile things on top of the marble, would it be okay to store it on its side? It takes up a lot of room lying there flat with nothing on it.

Thanks for your wisdom!

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I think whether you can stack stuff on it probably depends upon how thick the marble is and how it is formed. If it is laying flat and the whole bottom of the marble is touching the shelf, then I would assume it is ok to stack some stuff on it. If there is a lip or something on the edges so that the inside of the botton surface of the marble is not touching a shelving surface, then I wouldn't stack stuff on it.

As far as storing it on its side, will it be stable in the upright position so it doesn't fall over? If so, I would assume it would be ok. Marble slabs for countertops are stored on their side in the warehouse before you buy them.

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I agree, turn it on its' side. I wouldn't store anything on top.

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