Can I freeze homemade applesauce?

Tracey_OHSeptember 9, 2008

Someone gave me a mess of apples and I'm trying to find something to do with them. I make applesauce all the time, but I've never frozen it. Would this work? I'd also like to make an apple pie and freeze it, but when I did that at Thanksgiving it was very watery when it thawed. Any pie help or for that matter, any good apple recipes would be appreciated!



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My grandmother made the best applesauce and always froze it! I can almost taste it! I never did learn how she did it, but her's was the best I ever ate.

I can't help with the pie questiion.


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Yes, applesauce has to be the easiest way to process an abundance, and freezing it is easy. I like to use the thawed sauce in baking, like muffins and other quick breads.

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Tami my MIL used to make the best frozen applesauce too and her secret was butter...below is a web site that may help on your other questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Apples

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I make appleauce every year with fall apples and freeze in ziplock bags and have no problem at all.

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I am another one that freezes applesauce.I do it for the baby to come and have for the other kids when they were babies. If you find that it is too watery you might want to cook it down longer and make it a little thicker, just a thought.


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I don't freeze applesauce, nor do I freeze pies, but I do slice the apples and seasonings, then just add the flour to toss the slices in when I make pie.

I do know that Carol (Readinglady) freezes her pies premade for later baking, she could probably help with that issue.


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Karen_b, thank you. I think she just used jonothon and mcintosh apples from her orchard with the skins on to make it pink. I don't remember if it had sugar in it or not. Mom used to help her and make some for us too. The biggest problem is that it's not Grandma making it anymore!!! Mine came out really close when I made it years ago, but grandma's always tastes better, no matter what the recipe, or who the grandma is!!!!


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My MIL freezes applesauce ALL the time.


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I've never frozen applesauce but only because if I can it, I can use the freezer space for other things like fresh garden sweet corn.

I have frozen apple pies, though it's been a while. (I freeze lots of pies, just don't make apple pies very often.) I think the thickener makes a big difference. I didn't have good luck with flour. It broke down and the filling was watery. I think if I were doing it again, I'd lightly pre-cook the apple filling and use tapioca or a tapioca-flour or tapioca-cornstarch combination. I use ClearJel, but not everyone has that on hand.

I do freeze uncooked pies all the time. It actually seems to tenderize the crust and increase flakiness. Line the plate with pastry, put in the filling (cooled if pre-cooked) and cover with the remaining pastry dough. Don't cut vents. Freeze on the shelf unwrapped. Then, once the pie is frozen solid, wrap well. I double-wrap, first layer aluminum foil (which can be re-used many times) then secondly a bag.

When ready to bake unwrap the pie, cut vents and place on the lowest or second-lowest shelf of the oven still frozen. I usually bake 20 minutes or so at about 375 then lower the temperature to 325 for an additional 40+ minutes. How much time depends on the density of the filling. Basically I watch for thickened juices to begin bubbling through the vents.

I haven't had any problems with soggy bottom crusts.


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Thanks for the help everyone! I've got the applesauce in the freezer. I have a friend having a baby next week and she loves my applesauce (which does use butter Karen!) so I wanted to take her some when I make her dinner. It's from apples from someone's tree which seemed to have thicker skins than grocery store apples so the applesauce seemed to be nice and thick.

As for the pies, I make a crumb topped apple pie which has an oatmeal based crust. I prebaked it and just let it thaw on the counter and it was very watery. I'm wondering if I just used the wrong type of apple?

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Tracey, I freeze my applesauce every year but stopped doing my pies that way cuz #1 a whole pie takes up a lot of room in the deep freeze when you do a couple doz. a year and #2 I had the same watery stuff that you did. A friend of mine told me to make up just the filling and freeze that and add it to your fresh crust when your ready to bake it. It's just as handy to have on hand and I usually have rolled up pie crust in the house if I need a dessert in a hurry. I already have 10 bags of filling going on this year.


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