Can Patio Doors Be Saved?

yayi98August 4, 2009

Hi, I just rented an older Townhouse and the patio doors are a mess! Half of the glass on the doors are white and you can no longer see out of them.It looks like a very bad case of soap scum but I doubt that's what it is. I've read about oxidation, mineral,and hard water buildup. I've also read about grade 2 degradation. How do I know which situation I'm dealing with? How can I clean them, if they can be cleaned at all?

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If they can be cleaned use warm white vinegar. You may have to soak them some but they should clean off no problem if it's just hard water.

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The doors my be double paned glass and the seal is broken between the 2 panes. If that's the case, then moisture etc is between the 2 panes and there's nothing you can do except replace the doors.

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