Anyone with a twosquare stone farmhouse?

horseslaveAugust 6, 2012

Hello! First time poster on here, we are the owners of a 1879 PA stone farmhouse. Its a Twosquare, and is structurally sound, but obviously needs a ton of upgrades. We have lived in the home for 7 years, whittling away at it slowly.

We are interested in adding on, and also making better use of the space we have, and I would love to see some others with similar floorplans and how they make the space as useable and beautiful as possible!

Here is a photo of our home. The building to the right is a new bank barn we had built about 3 years ago

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The link isn't opening for me.

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Do I take it that the house has two rooms up and down, rather than four?

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Hi, yes, it's 2 rooms downstairs, about 16x11 each, and two upstairs. The one upstairs was cut in half, to make a bathroom and a bedroom. I'm not sure why they made such a big bathroom, because it left the second bedroom extremely small. Thankfully my daughter is only 4 so she is fine in there.
I would love to to add on, so I'm looking for as many inspirations as I can!

Try copying the link and pasting. I'm not sure why it's not working!

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The link worked fine for me, you just have to copy and paste it. I do not have a stone house nor do I have a twosquare - I just wanted to tell you that your house and new barn are beautiful. Don't be shy about posting more photos of it! :)

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The cut-&-paste worked today - but not yesterday although I tried several times - go figure.

Neat house - what does the door/entryway look like? Like JLC said, don't be shy about posting more photos. Old house people love looking at other peoples' treasures.

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I'll take some photos of the doorway. There's also a summer kitchen, in need of some major repair, although I'd love to incorporate it into the addition.
I'll take some more tonight and repost! Once you start looking for ideas, it kind of snowballs, I'm finding!

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Here's an updated album, I can certainly take more photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our home

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